Running of the Nudes

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Has anyone ever heard about the running of the nudes? It sounds a bit crazy. it's a protest run about the running of the bulls, but everyone runs nude

Posted 09.02.12, 5:30pm

No way! Think I can safely cross this off my list of events I will ever take part in! Although I do agree with the cause!

Posted 10.02.12, 9:30am

Agreed - good cause but ewww no! That sounds horrible - too much nakedness for me!

Posted 11.02.12, 8:50am

Don't think I'd be up for this one! Wouldn't much like to be a spectator at this race either!!!

Posted 30.03.12, 10:24am

HAHAHA! I think i'd give it a miss purely because I can just imagine the pain of running without a bra Yell. I'd do the Moonwalk thought!

Posted 22.04.12, 5:46pm

Yeah that would be pretty painful!! I just don't really understand why anyone would want to run naked! Each to their own I guess...

Posted 23.04.12, 10:23am

I just watched one of the videos and it describes how they weaken a bull for days and how every bull that has ever run has been murdered in a bull fight after... How very sad Frown


Can see why people may protest, I guess the nudity is to draw attraction to the cause?

Posted 23.04.12, 10:38am

erm, a bit loose with the word 'attraction' there me thinks......... Embarassed

Posted 23.04.12, 4:26pm

lol okay. Attention to the cause.

Posted 23.04.12, 7:24pm

Yeah I don't think I'd be up for running without clothes on but I too support the cause!

Posted 24.04.12, 9:45am

Quoted from rubypout:

lol okay. Attention to the cause.

i wouldnt want anyone giving me 'attention' either  Foot in mouth

Posted 24.04.12, 8:09pm

This is the kind of thing I have nightmares about!

Posted 25.04.12, 8:45am

It's definitely a good cause! I still couldn't run nude though!

Posted 26.04.12, 4:12pm

Me neither - great cause but I'm not down with get naked for it!

Posted 27.04.12, 9:20am

Hehe think we all agree on this one - I'll just see if there's a way to donate money to the cause without actually partaking on this occasion Wink

Posted 30.04.12, 10:28am

I bet you get some well shifty looking spectators at this event...

Posted 30.04.12, 10:34am

Quoted from Ross_M:

I bet you get some well shifty looking spectators at this event...

and some right dodgy people taking part Yell

Posted 30.04.12, 9:57pm

Not an event for me - would be really difficult to run too, I need some support Wink

Posted 27.12.12, 4:21pm

Quoted from Ross_M:

I bet you get some well shifty looking spectators at this event...

Haha definitely! I would imagine the majority of them would be, after all it's probably not something you'd want to go along to watch your family or friends in!

Posted 02.01.13, 9:03am

That would be so weird,  let's hope cameras aren't allowed at this event

Posted 03.01.13, 4:57pm

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