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Just sent out an email to all my friends and family with my hubby's timetable for the day - he'll be zipping around five different spots! And asking them to be at points inbetween his so I have staggered support...SO EXCITED!

Just wondering though if the Adidas Tracking System they mention on page 116 of Marathon News is worth trying?

It sounds fantastic in theory - but did any of you guys who ran last year use it then and find it worked well?



Posted 20.04.09, 11:37am

works brilliantly, but you need a wap enabled phone.(whatever that is!)

hubby used it last year.

it tells your "fan club" the last 5km marker you passed, so they can predict when you will arrive at their cheering point.

ie. last year i was averaging 10 - 11 min miles, so they could establish when i passed over a certain mat, and when i would approximately reach a certain point further along.Laughing

Posted 20.04.09, 11:45am

Oh great - that sounds well worth it, then.

I'll send out another email with the details and get them to sign up then - thanks crystaltips, and good luck for Sunday!

Jo x

Posted 20.04.09, 12:04pm

I hadn't noticed this until you pointed it out - what a great idea .... I'll pass tis to my family

Great !!!!  Smile

Posted 20.04.09, 12:45pm

‘Adidas have devised a way to follow runners this year in the London Marathon.  Simply text ‘RUN’ to 83040 and you will be sent a link to the wapsite.  Simply type in you runner’s race number and the system will do the rest, tracking them via a timing chip device on their shoes as they pass the various 5k markers along the course and informing you of their progress.’ 

Posted 20.04.09, 1:27pm

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