Shin Splints (Maybe...)

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Hi all,

I've been suffering on and off throughout my marathon training with various niggles and minor injuries, which I have skirted relatively successfully by taking additional rest days (though it has left my training patchy).

However, I am troubled now with what I suspect is Shin Splints - I've essentially got a persistent dull ache in my right shin pretty much 24/7.

A trail run at the weekend seems to have magnified the pain (I think the short strides to avoid falling flat combined with my poor gait put a lot of undue pressure on the leg) and now I am concerned about what to do about it.

Recently, when I have been running my right leg feels (for want of a better word) numb below the knee and very occasionally I will falter slightly when landing on the right foot. During the first hour of my Long this weekend it was very painful and I thought that I was going to have to turn back, however during the second hour the pain seemed to vanish and I ran negative splits.

I have been regularly applying Deep Freeze gel and I have taken two consecutive rest days following that Long, but still this morning I lay awake feeling it throb away.

I don't really know what to do this close to Marathon day. Should I continue to Taper, or should I stop until the pain lessens?

Any thoughts or advice would be very welcome.

Posted 11.04.12, 8:03am

I started traing about 9 months ago and let me tell you every time a ran further than 10k I was hit with shin splints which ment I had to rest for a month, once I even pushed it so much I ended up with stress fractures. Two months recovery time. I got to the point were I thought it was game over. I had tried everything, or so I thought. 

I spent hours and hour on the web searching for cures, in the ended I booked in to have physio, it seemed to help but when I ran the pain was still there. Then by chance I was reading a forum similar to this one, and a runner had gone through the same as me, I read his post word for word. He said he had a deep muscle  massage and after a few treatment his shines were fine. 

Well I  thought I give it a go, as I had tried just about everything else. All I can say is the first massage was hell and I do mean hell, it hurt so much and continued to hurt for the next two days, (trust me it hurts) after my second treatment, I went for a run and Wow no pain, I had four treatments in all, and I just ran the London marathon without any pain from my shins. 

The sports massage I had  included acupuncture after the actual massage. I never thought I have pain free shins I hope it works for you!  

Posted 24.04.12, 4:15pm

Rest is probably the best solution. I rested for two weeks when I had mine, but you sound like you've got quite bad shin splints so maybe you shoudl stop for a while? Or at least do low-impact sport like cycling. Also have you had your gait analysed?

Posted 25.04.12, 5:21pm

Never heard of sport massage being a way to cure shin splints so thanks guys!

All i know is that a friend of mine who had terible shin splints from his running managed to cure it through increasing his cycling and swimming whilst maintaining his running and also getting fitted for a good pair of running shoes and running on grass. 


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