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So I've just started running after a long period of inactivity.
Have got a ballot place in the London Marathon.
3 training sessions later and I've got shocking pain between my ankles and knees... aka, shin splints... Any advice?

Posted 05.10.12, 11:52pm

YES! I have advice and I love to share this one because of my personal experience with it. I use to compete in running a lot more than I do now and shin splints can be terrible! I had a coach that taught me how to do shin lifts and it would cure my shin splints within a few days- no joke.

My understanding of why shin splints occur is because when you do A LOT of running your calve muscles out-strengthen your shin muscles and cause them to separate from the bone ... something like that. How to do shin lifts: rest your foot on an incline and put weight on the toes. Lift your toe up as high as you can then lower back down. Repeat this rapidly as many times as possible- push through the pain as much as bearable- you may get about 60 or 70 in there, a little less depending on your pain. After a few mintues, do it again another time or two (about three reps).

If it is hard to find an incline for your foot, I have also used the edge of the bathtub with my heel resting on it and my toes hanging off. If I'm at home and don't have an ankle weight to put on my toes, I use a bag of rice. I once was at a gym that didn't have an incline so I discussed with one of the trainers what I was needing and he showed me how to do a similar shin workout on the horse ... so ask if you are at a gym and hopefully you will get someone who knows what they are talking about.

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Posted 06.10.12, 5:09am

Thanks I'll have a try.

Posted 06.10.12, 11:48am

Do you put your weight onto your toes?  I'm keen togive this a try as I missed most of October training dueyo shin splints and really want to avoid any more injury time.  Thx

Posted 18.11.12, 11:07pm

Footnote did a good blog on how to deal with shin splints:

Posted 20.11.12, 10:17am

Hi Becci - I had exactly the same thing happen to me - it's so frustrating and I'm also really nervous about starting running again in case they flare up again! I think mine have nearly repaired with rest and physio exercises - JAG05, thank you for the advice, I'm going to try that in order to try and completely get rid of them and also hopefully prevent them from coming back again!

Good luck everyone with your training!

Posted 24.11.12, 8:32pm

They are a pain but with the right precautions you should be okay

Posted 26.11.12, 4:54pm

Yeah it's always better if you take the right precautions with everything

Posted 28.11.12, 1:42pm

Just to add to what was previously mentioned. Don't just focus on strengthening the anterior shin muscles. Just as much effort should be put into the posterior muscles. Learn to stretch out both gastrocnemius and soleus. I find that doing this before a run combined with a dynamic warm up is very effective. Stretching these muscles religiously will reduce the workload placed on the anterior muscle and decrease the inflammation (&pain!!)


Good luck!!


Posted 12.12.12, 4:56pm

Very technical! You definitely know your stuff!

Posted 14.12.12, 11:59am

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