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Newby virgin london marathon virgin did 10 miles last night and am amazed I feel good today this is the person who wouldn't run for a bus 6 months ago.


anyway, I have a very small capacity bladder sometimes this isn't a problem but I'm worried that it might be come Marathon day with hydration and nerves at beginning, middle, end or all way round what is the availability of toilets for runners on route ?


We are staying across the Thames the night before and am now worrying about getting to start on time.


on the plus side am running with my best mate for WHIZZ KIDZ and we did a quiz night on Wednesday and raised a few more pounds towards our £4000, target


thanks for any help on loos Dory

Posted 16.02.13, 10:59pm

As far as I'm aware there are places for runners to go to the toilet all around the course, although the queues can get very long and it's likely this could knock over 10 minutes off your time.

Posted 18.02.13, 10:11am

Take a Shewee...or a Hee-wee..(can't tell from your post...!!!)...the queues are a nightmare, jusy wee on the side of the roads like all the 'ladies' do...!Smile

Posted 19.02.13, 6:11pm

That would be a shewee, I've tried whilst camping and can't use one, can't squat and there's no way I'm doing a Paula Radcliffe, so it's going to be time penalty me thinks. Ta for comments and help, dory

Posted 20.02.13, 5:59pm

We took one of these on our Gold Duke of Edinburgh's Award just in case!  No one used it though - suprisingly.  It looks so fiddly and awful I hope I never have to use one haha

Posted 21.02.13, 4:08pm

She-Wee's are a must have for a festival .. though im not sure how much good they will do you during a marathon as they are super fiddly.


Posted 21.02.13, 4:32pm

I remember Fearne Cotton taking a She-Wee when she climbed Kilimanjaro. If it's good enough for Fearne, it's good enough for me! (Does sound scary though, so maybe not on second thoughts)

Posted 22.02.13, 11:35am

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