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Connor Gardner


South Shields


Afternoon too all, just here to get some tips and advice to help me in my journey to loose weight, all help appreciated and I hope you make me feel welcome.

Posted 12.12.12, 9:44pm

Welcome aboard Connor. Go gently with some of the girls though, they are a bit sensitive sometimes..!!!...How much weight do you have to lose?.

Posted 13.12.12, 4:58pm

21 year old and I was 21 stone, according to my BMI I was severely overweight although I don't look it, lost nearly two stone but proberbly put about a stone back on.

weight I want to be at ideally is proberbly around 15 stone, I am 5"11.

Posted 13.12.12, 5:23pm

Good for you for wanting to make a change. You've done well to lose the two stone. Keep it up but take it steady Smile

Posted 14.12.12, 11:58am

Yeah. And don't let the weight gain since, put you off 

Posted 15.12.12, 8:11am

Every little helps :) remember that :)

Posted 16.12.12, 5:42pm

You've come to the right place if you want to lose weight, check out the articles for some tips Smile

Posted 17.12.12, 11:21am

Hi Connor anmd welcome - good to have you with us. How has the training been going? What are you doing exercise-wise?

Posted 31.12.12, 7:38am

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