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i joined the site 2 days ago. look forward to chatting with fellow runners. have done 10 London Marathons. done many half marathons and 10ks and 5ks. also run for Haringey Jogging Club.

Posted 02.05.13, 10:16am

Welcome! 10 Londons, impressive. Which was your favourite?

Posted 07.05.13, 10:05am

10 marathons! Wow. Even just one is impressive! And all London Marathons too!

Posted 08.05.13, 10:55am

my favourite was 2006 when i did my pb of 4hrs 13

Posted 08.05.13, 11:03am

That's awesome craig. Go you! What race are you thinking of taking part in next?


Posted 09.05.13, 9:17am

My next race is bupa London 10k

Posted 09.05.13, 11:14am

Ooh good luck with it! 

Posted 10.05.13, 5:26pm

Thank you

Posted 11.05.13, 6:35pm

10 marathons - that's impressive!

Posted 11.05.13, 8:17pm

Hi, welcome to the site! Smile 10 London marathons really is impressive! Are there any other marathons you'd like to do?

Posted 14.05.13, 10:50am

Yes was looking at possible Disney and Berlin.  Was going to do the munich marathon last year but had the flu two weeks before. 

Posted 14.05.13, 10:56am

That's a shame about the munich marathon. The Disney marathon looks great! I think if I was ever going to run a marathon that's the one I would do!

Posted 15.05.13, 10:39am

I didn't know there was a Disney marathon! Sounds fun, although I think the novelty might wear off after a few miles...

Posted 19.05.13, 2:33pm

What's the Disney marathon like? Is it in an actual Disney park!?

Posted 26.05.13, 10:42am

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