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Hi guys I'm running the virgin London marathon 2013 for SSAFA a forces charity. I am planning on setting a new world record by carrying weight on my back and wearing my army uniform. Has anyone got any ideas how I can boost my fund raising as I'm running out of ideas.


many thanks

Posted 22.11.12, 9:44pm
Post deleted.
  • BeeH
  • cOOL AND MAD......HAVE YOU TRIED gUINEsS wORLD rECORDS?...i KNOW THEY ARE INVOLVEED WITH VLM so should be a good line of enquiry. Also try the VLM itslef,,,if it's a really good press image for them they will get involved and give you lots of support,. You can only ask. Also write/email to BBC SKY ITV etc, if they pick it up you'll fly...although I still think you're insane.Wink.good luck.

    Posted 26.11.12, 7:01pm

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