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I hope you don't mind my asking as it's not running related (although it is for me because it's when I do most of my thinking about it). 

I am in my final year of a four year doctorate in organisational psychology and I wondered if you would all be so kind as to complete this survey for me. Usual ethics etc apply:

Posted 27.11.12, 10:05pm

Done. quite funny questions too Jelly...Smile

Posted 28.11.12, 9:49am

Completed good luck!


Posted 28.11.12, 4:36pm

I've just completed it for you too Jellybean.xx

Posted 29.11.12, 1:20pm

Done Smile

Posted 30.11.12, 9:41am

Me too! Felt a little like phycometric testing Laughing

Posted 06.12.12, 5:05pm

There's quite a lot of (organisational) psychology in it so you are right about the psychometric testing!!


Thank you to everyone who has done it so far....  I still need another 100 responses but I'm doing an article for an civil service newsletter next week so that should help, i hope!!



Posted 06.12.12, 10:01pm

Me too..................slow day at work. Laughing

Posted 10.12.12, 3:36pm

Done. Waiting for my curry to be delivered. Anything to take my mind off it.

Posted 18.01.13, 4:47pm

Done :-) 

Posted 11.03.13, 7:05pm

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