Blue Monday

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Apparently today is one of the most depressing days of the the UK that is, winter blues, post Christmas debt etc.

So, if you are feeling low - here are a few features that might give you a perk up....

10 ways to boost your happiness 

10 ways to perk up your day 

7 simple ways to make your day better 

10 ways to overcome a bad day 

Why bad days are good for us 

10 surprising things that make you happier 

10 instant mood boosters 

Happy Monday everyone Wink

Posted 21.01.13, 11:48am

Christ that's a lot of reading Krusty!,,,especially as I am quite happy feeling down,,???Frown

Posted 21.01.13, 1:13pm

Stop moaning and get reading Flanker Wink

Posted 21.01.13, 4:17pm

Ugh I felt pants yesterday. Definitely blue Monday for me. No money, feeling sluggish, just yuck.

Posted 22.01.13, 3:42pm

Hope you're feeling better today Smile

Posted 23.01.13, 11:49am

I've personally just written off the whole of January. What a rubbish month!

Posted 24.01.13, 4:56pm

I know and in terms of the weather you can't do anything, I hope this snow goes away quickly after todays downpour!

Posted 25.01.13, 9:03am

Hoping everyone is feeling better - January is almost over and it's getting darker later too - not long til Summer nights! Hope we have a good one this year - we deserve it.

Posted 27.01.13, 8:31am

Quoted from Paul_Gne:

I've personally just written off the whole of January. What a rubbish month!

Haha no don't write Januarys off, that's a 12th of your entire life written off! Sure you can find some ways to improve them! Smile

Posted 28.01.13, 10:38am

Like renting your favourite films and watching them by the fire and talking your dog for walks all wrapped up warm!  What do you do in January hannah_mc?

Posted 29.01.13, 8:56am

Those are good ideas, I love watching films or TV boxsets in for the winter. Also, I think it's good to take up an indoor hobby so you're not bored; this is what I generally try to do in January. Something like reading, learning something new (a new language, instrument, etc), or some kind of exercise you can do indoors if you don't feel like venturing out.

Here are some tips on beating the January blues if anyone needs them Smile:

Posted 30.01.13, 10:10am

I like to have a bath and then snuggle up watching corrie with a cup of tea. That perks up my boring January. Alongside my birthday ;)

Posted 01.02.13, 2:18pm

I like wrapping up warm and heading out for a crisp, winters walk and maybe going to the pub en route. 

Posted 03.02.13, 9:05am

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