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Just wondered if anyone uses fish oil supplements? I have been reading they are a good source of protein and have fat burning properties too. Let me know what you know Smile

Posted 16.01.13, 5:16pm

I use these, have been for quite a while now as they're supposed to be really good for your skin, for problems like acne and eczema as well as preventing wrinkles. They are also really good for your heart, brain and eyes and for preventing depression and boosting your mood. 

Posted 17.01.13, 9:33am

So basically, fish cure everything it seems!

Posted 18.01.13, 4:37pm

I started taking yesterday and it's not really agreeing with me. I am on the liquid and think the capsules would have been better :-(

Posted 19.01.13, 6:46am

Yes, Fish Oil Supplements are important. They are a good source of Omega 3 and 6 proteins which are good for our body as they help maintain a healthy heart and circulation, helps maintain Joint Health, helps maintain healthy bones, skin, hair and nails. People mostly go for Cod Liver Oil Supplements.

Posted 19.01.13, 10:45am

You could eat the whole fish and get the full complement of fat, protein, vitamins and minerals...

Fish oils are OK, if you aren't getting the omega 3's naturally. Studies etc might suggest a whole range of benefits, but you'd get many more benefits from the whole food, not just the extraction of oil.

For my 2p worth, it didn't make a heck of a difference when I trialled them for 4 months and I took high-strength capsules. Internally I can't vouch for anything changing and my digestion didn't change either. Outwardly / mentally it made no difference. I struggle with low-level depression and anxiety and it made bog all difference.

Freshly crushed flax seeds made a noticeable difference, but you're getting all of the fibre, fats and vitamins fresh from the whole seed. You definitely can't ignore the impact of those on your digestive system.

Posted 19.01.13, 10:48am

Eating high-quality fish caught in the accurate waters around the world does have fine results with battling heart problems, mental clarity, joint, arthritis and a big collection of changes in our bodies due to e.g.inflammation.


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Posted 22.03.13, 6:49pm

Fish oil supplements or Omega-3 fatty acids, as they are known perform amazing activities in our bodies. You should know that our bodies cannot produce the supplement itself. It must come from the foods we eat or from taking oral supplementation.


Posted 26.03.13, 5:51am

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