anyone else having stress induced dreams????

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i know its annoying to tell people your dreams.........but, i figured i cant be the only one and if anyone would appreciate it, it would be you people.  you people being my soon-to-be fellow steamtown runners.


last night i dreamt that i was on my way to the start......which just happened to be at 3 pm.  the only thing i could find to eat were doughnuts and fried bagels.  somehow i had forgotten that all runners were required to kick a basketball while running and had to kick it through a goal at the finish in order to actually finish the race.  i was on a mad search for a basketball.  my best friend was driving me to the start and she kept having to make all these stops.  the last stop had us sitting in a cafe while we waited for the waiter to bring her a top hat.  you know, sometimes you just need a top hat!  it was getting later and later and i only had 20 minutes to get there and she was just sitting back laughing and chatting.  i got so mad that i started screaming and tipped her chair backwards.  

thank god i woke up.  with a head ache and my back in knots.  im pretty sure this happens to me before every marathon.  last time all i couldl find to run in were leg warmers and underwear...................

am i alone in this or are any of you having stress induced dreams????

Posted 02.10.11, 1:20pm

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