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Hi ladies I'm a new marathon runner in training- I have 32e chest and have been wearing the new Panache sports bra. Fantastic for support but during my 2 hour run yesterday, it rubbed me raw! Now got several nasty sores over my delicate parts and not sure what to do! Has anyone had the same and what did you do to help it/stop it? Thanks girls!

Posted 27.02.12, 7:15am

Hello there, can't say I've ever had an issue with my sports bras I'm 30ff and use shock absorber bras. Never really had an issue with them except my newest one it quite tight but I'm sure itll relax a bit at some point, have you tried lubricating where it's rubbing, using vasaline? That tends to ease chaffing somewhat, sorry I can't help much.  

Posted 27.02.12, 7:21am

AT LAST..!!! interesting thread..! would be helpful though.??Innocent~

Posted 27.02.12, 8:04am

What a relief !!!! If this thread hadn't brought Flanker back then we'd have had to organise a collection for a wreath !!!!!Smile

Posted 27.02.12, 9:11am

I've had loads of problems trying to sort out boob support.  I'm unlike you however, as have very small ones, so not so much of a support problem.  I didn't get on with support bras at all.  All were way too tight and would probably have rubbed.  I'm now wearing a vest top type and find it quite comfortable, although rather tight around the ribs, which doesn't help with the breathing.  Not sure if they'd support a larger boob, but definitely the best option for rubbing.  Also, I sometimes wear my comfy ordinary bra and tie ribbon around the straps to stop them from falling down my arms - maybe you could adapt one of your normal ones.  I don't know, woman and their boobs!!!

Posted 27.02.12, 10:04am

I'm reasonably well endowed (36D) and have always used shock absorber bras, never had a problem with chafing, best one by far is the run bra, fantastic bit of kit!

Posted 27.02.12, 10:59am

LOL at Flanks........34DD for me and I wear two bras.....both Shock Absorbers and the one on top is the crop top type one. Works for me...clamp 'em all done I say !!  Surprised

Posted 27.02.12, 11:21am

I use Shock Absorber as well but am a victim of chafing, for me it's just making sure I vaseline up enough but still have a tendency to still end up looking like an abuse victim, not a great look.

Posted 27.02.12, 1:55pm

** whispers ** I'm keeping quiet. Anything I say would sound creepy anyway

Posted 27.02.12, 1:57pm

I've only ever chaffed at the back where the clasps are - once quite badly as one hook had got bent and it rubbed me all the way aound Portsmouth the end I shoved an empty gel packet up under it....very sore it was.  I also get rubbing from the clasps if wearing a backpack so now always make sure I use anti chaffing cream.

Sometimes you don't realise you've got chaffing until you steop under the shower then when the water hits you....OUCHIE !!!!!!!  

Posted 27.02.12, 2:01pm


Posted 27.02.12, 4:23pm

Quoted from flanker2:


Allright Flanks ??  ;-)

Posted 27.02.12, 4:51pm

Quoted from flanker2:


Yes, that's what I thought Undecided

Posted 27.02.12, 5:58pm

I use shock absorber and never had a problem with rubbing-am 34C but used to be several sizes bigger (one of the unfortunate and unforeseen side effects of weight loss from running!) and same bra worked great then as well.   I use body glide on my back and shoulders where the straps are- A couple of girlies I know who have done marathons have said that they struggled with rubbing as they focused on putting body glide on their nipples, which ended up fine but they were rubbed raw from the clasps so worth putting some on all over I think!

Posted 27.02.12, 7:45pm

Hi Girls,

WOOOOW????????,  IS ANYONE IN THE 40'S NOT AGE Tongue outInnocentWinkSmile.

Cheers Billyboy

Posted 27.02.12, 8:27pm

I got mine from Bravissimo.  Called Royce and Impact Free.   32FF.

Trouble with mine is I try to keep them clean but they're losing the support plus I think from the fabric conditioner had a bit of irritation.

Pain in the back really! Grrr.  But I'll have to fork out for a new one or two before April.  Who knew running could be so pricey?

Posted 27.02.12, 9:36pm

Shock absorber run bra, never had chaffing as these bras just clamp the puppies down! Wink

Posted 27.02.12, 9:51pm

Amazing. Thanks so much for all your advice and help! I will be having a good shop this week to strap these bad boys down once and for all! Xx

Posted 27.02.12, 9:54pm

Let me know if you need any help there........Kiss

Posted 27.02.12, 10:53pm

Shock Absorber running bra for me too at 38FF. I did injure my shoulder once trying to put it on though but it's the best sports bra I've ever had. Minimal bounce and only a tiny bit of chafing one on an LSR but a bit of bodyglide soon sorted that out.

Posted 27.02.12, 11:16pm

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