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Hi everyone,

10 weeks to VLM and I've developed and metatarsal injury on the sole of my left foot. One of the (knuckles) is inflamed and has dropped. I now have a painful lump on my 3rd metatarsal, (the one next to the little toe). I've had a hole cut in my shoe inner to release the pressure for some time now, but anything over 3 miles is pretty painful. I'm using an ice pack numerous times a day. So, I've decided not to run for at least 2 weeks and go to the gym. Not a gym person, how long a session on the cross trainer and bike should I be looking at? Cheers marathon runners. I will be there on the day. I WONT QUIT!

Posted 12.02.13, 5:10pm

Ouch sounds both painful and unusual Fred. Have you had any treatment?

In terms of cross training guess there are two ways to look at it. If you know your average heart rates for various sessions then just try and replicate these - this may be hard work particularly for bike training where HR will be lower so you will have to work quite hard to replicate same cardio workout as running.

If not then you can try and burn same number of calories etc - most people reckon its something like a 3:1 ratio for a bike workout in miles to a running workout. But its not exact.

Main thing is to do something. You may find swimming a better all round cardio workout than either bike or cross trainer.

Posted 12.02.13, 7:58pm

How painful is it on stairs? Those stair/stepper machines can really get the heart rate up and would be working similar muscle groups with no impact.

Posted 12.02.13, 8:25pm

Hi Keith,

Been wearing tailor made orthotic inners for 2 years or so. That was to releive ball of the foot pain. (Thought to be Mortons neuroma at the time. Since then, probably due to the mileage that I do, this secondary problem has arisen. Had 3 Xrays recently to identify exactly what the problem is. No stress fracture thank goodness. Just inflamed. Tried the bike and cross trainer today and found it hard going to raise my HR to any level that will benefit me. So perhaps I'll just concentrate on keep the legs moving. Thanks for the chat. By the way, I've made several threads in the past. If its not one thing, then its another. Up to 1992, I had a clean sick reckord. Now I'm plagued with injuries. Thanks for the chat. Fred

Posted 12.02.13, 8:29pm

Hello Dean,

Yeh, no problem with walking etc. On stairs I lead with the good foot to releive the pressure on my left foot. Been to the gym for a work out on the bike and cross trainer. Had to work really hard on the bike to make any progress with my HR.  The cross trainer was much better. I'll stick with the CT. There is a swimming pool, and I'll paddle in that too. Cheers Dean.

Posted 12.02.13, 8:35pm


Its hard getting your HR up but thats the only way to get the cardio benefits.

Have you ever looked at an aqua jogger - know people who have used them and they rate them highly. 

Not a great fan of custom orthodontics but thats just me. I think sometimes we over complicate things and continually over correct things to the point of reverse effects

Good luck


Posted 12.02.13, 8:44pm

I could barely get a sweat on using a cross trainer but a decent stepper at a gym (not the crap you buy for home use) used to get my heart rate up very quickly, definately worth trying.



Posted 15.02.13, 12:01pm

Hi Dean,

Our gym is really small compared to others and only offers the bare minimum of equipment. No stepper either. The main aim is to keep the legs moving, (hence the X trainer and bike). Having the usual nightmares about VLM13. If my problem doesnt heal itself by then, I'll complete the distance using the ''Interval training'' method. Something like 9 mins jog and 1 min forced march. This way, I'll be able to keep track of the time quite easily while keeping the discomfort in the foot to a minimum. However, in March, I have an appointment with the orthotics people at the local hospital. They might be able to provide some cushioning prior to my new orthotics being made. Cheers Dean.

Posted 15.02.13, 1:35pm

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