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Has anybody been to the Expo previous years and can say which day is best to go ie less people so not so much waiting around!?!?! Tongue Out

Posted 08.01.13, 12:06pm

I have always been on the Wednesday or Thursday afternoon - never had to queue or hang about. I don't think it ever gets too bad though, they have a load of queues for different number ranges.

Posted 08.01.13, 12:18pm

Think the Saturday gets a bit busy at times but I have been on Thursday and Friday and have never queued at all. Its all done very efficiently and smoothly.

Going to the Expo is part of teh experience of London and if you can get there in teh week and enjoy it I would rather than doing it on saturday and being rushed/being on your feet too long.

Posted 08.01.13, 12:51pm

Yeah it's really useful!

Posted 08.01.13, 1:21pm

Thanks all will make a bit of a day out on 1 of weekdays i think then vhill before the big day! Cool

Posted 08.01.13, 3:35pm


Hi it's a great part of the expierence, and the atmosphere is brilliant everyone is so friendly.

 Cheers Billyboy,Smile

Posted 08.01.13, 9:00pm

I'm defo with the other posters.  If you can make it part of the experience, rather than a chore, it's so much better.  I got there first thing on the first day it opened, did what I had to, and then had a mooch around the stands.  All part of the atmosphere, and you can never tire of hearing The Trap playing in the background - emotionally charged!!

Posted 11.01.13, 9:38am

Nell McAndrew always goes on the Wednesday..



Posted 15.01.13, 1:16pm

Cry except this year cos she is having a baby. Veyr inconsiderate. Cry

Posted 16.01.13, 10:09am

Quoted from rosiewales:

Cry except this year cos she is having a baby. Veyr inconsiderate. Cry


WE'll be going on the Saturday....however, I think I might sign some form to get one of my friends to pick it up for me!

Posted 16.01.13, 2:04pm

I always like to go on the Wednesday. Make an afternoon of it, when it is not too busy. Have a late lunch, and one final Pint before 'Booze Lockdown' for the final 4 days pre marathon.

Posted 16.01.13, 3:18pm

If I recall correctly, London Pride were handing out free beer by the thimble full last year. It washed down that beetroot rubbish a treat!!

Posted 17.01.13, 1:33pm

"Booze Lockdown" Surprised

Posted 17.01.13, 3:32pm

Wednesday and Thursday always seem fine

Posted 20.01.13, 3:13pm

The 2 times I ran the maraton I went to the expo on the Friday. I will be doing the same this time I just get there early its worked for me in the past. So if it aint broke..... 

Posted 20.01.13, 6:14pm

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