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As the title says, I think I've got a problem. I'm training for my first London and things have being going well. About a week ago I started getting sore just at the base of my calf muscle on my right leg. Last nights run was very painfull. What would be my best course of action as I'm really worried that if rest up I may not get in enough to complete on April. Im Slightly fed up! As the last time I trained for a half marathon I developed shin splints and couldn't run. Any help would be appreciated. 

Posted 17.01.13, 5:36pm


When you trained for the half did you find out what was causing the pain and did you do anything different this time to correct it?

Broadly speaking if you carry on an dtry and push through injury then you are more than likely to do yourself more harm and not run at all.

Best bet I am afraid is (a) rest, ice, compression and elevantion (RICE) for a few days putting ice on it for ten minutes every hour or so if pain doesnt go away then (b) go and see a sports physio.

Few if any quick or easy answers to injury I am afraid but it may not be as bad as you imagine and either way best to get it fixed before miles really ramp up.


Posted 17.01.13, 7:16pm

Hi I've had problems in the past with Achilles and still now and again. Their is various stretches you can do. Best to google calf and Achilles stretches, I do them regular now and it keeps things at bay. When I was at my sorest I went to a sport therapist /masseur ,she loosend of tight muscles I had. It made a huge difference to the point I go regularly now . My therapist costs £25 per hour, even going once a month is well worth it. Hope this helps.

Posted 17.01.13, 7:24pm

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