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OK, so myseslf and the fella have places for VLM 2013. His ballot, mine charity.

Out of the two of us I would have thought it would be me suffering from aches and pains and general fitness issues, but sadly he is having real trouble with his knees.

The first steps... Doctor, Physio referal - lots of stretches to improve glute and hip flexor muscles. Lots of squats and knee strengthening in our general fitness regime anyway.

Physio also said his feet were, well to be nice, odd. So he has had special VERY EXPENSIVE insoles to correct this, which he now wears in his day to day shoes and his running shoes.

Starting running again after a month off. Slow and steady. Did a mile, did a mile and a half etc until he tried 4. Although this was a big leap up from the 2.75 he had run a few days before, he felt the pain at about 3 and a half and walked the rest of the way home.

Sadly, now he is really disheartened. Talk of 'what if I can't run' has set in. I know this isn't going to help, hence why I am asking (or possibly begging) for ideas to help get him through and get him to the finish with me in one piece!

I am desperate to find a solution to his knee woes! ANYTHING you can suggest will be happily accepted!

SO please - runners and general fitness fans of real buzz! PLEASE HELP US!

Posted 15.01.13, 2:01pm

Have you been recommended Glucosamine? For runners knee! Some people swear by it, and I’m one of them. It helps repair the connective tissues in the joints that take a battering when running. When I increase my exercise during marathon training, I always POP to the chemist, or Holland & Barrett, and stock up. It’s not an overnight wonder though. Can take 5-6 weeks to build up in the body, and to ease the pain, so keep up the physio exercises too.

Posted 15.01.13, 4:16pm

Yeah been popping those bad boys for about 6 weeks after a suggestion from a triathlete chum! Time will tell with those! Thanks for your suggestion!

Posted 15.01.13, 4:18pm

I dont think there is a miracle cure to be honest,

What did the doctor say the problem was?

Has the hubby had his gait analysed?

Are his shoes giving him enough cushion?

What is his form like?

Has he tried to run on trails rather than the roads (softer ground) less impact on the joints to build up strength.


There is just to many different factors and you need to find the balance with all of them.


Good Luck and I hope he makes it to the start line.

Posted 15.01.13, 4:45pm

Think if he has seen a physio and they have given him exercises to correct the imbalance then thats what he needs to do. Will normally take at least 4 weeks of dedicated repetition of exercises to start to see benefit and often longer. Many people get exercises from Physio and then only half heartedly do them and wonder why things dont improve.

So would highly recommend just following teh exercises and keeping up cardio fitness in swimming pool or other low impact activity.

Agree there is no miracle cure. 

Posted 15.01.13, 4:56pm

He has made his stretches part of his routine - we had to wait on Christmas morning for our presents while he did his bloody stretches!

His gait has been done and his shoes seem ok, even more so now they have the special insoles from the physio.

Will suggest hitting the trails for a bit, as I have seen in several places this is better impact wise. At least then he can keep up the miles!

Thanks for your help so far - any more suggestions welcomed!

Posted 16.01.13, 3:49pm


Thanks to all the comments on this thread, they have been a real help.

Luckily, the knee pain is getting there, but there has been a lot of work behind it! To fix his knee the fella has

  • Been to 4 Pysio sessions
  • Stretched everynight (the ones given to him by Pysio)
  • Has special insoles for his shoes
  • Started taking lots of supplements (keeping Holland & Barrett in business!)
  • Does quad stretches whenever he can
  • Wears knee straps when running and doing any other form of exercise like golf, or just out walking
  • Using a garden kneeler at work (he spends a lot of time on his knees under desks and stuff - he works in IT before you ask!)
  • Warms up really well and stretches lots when we finish running
  • Slowed his pace
  • Stops to stretch his quads out every mile 1/2 - 2 miles

Not sure which was the magic factor, or if it is a mix of them all but *fingers crossed* we are getting there!

Hopefully see you at the finish line! 

Posted 21.02.13, 3:29pm

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