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Hi There All,

I just wanted everyones opinion... so here goes,

I had my gait analysed last year and was advised that I fit the neutral running style and those were types of shoe I should buy, I therefore brought the Saucony Pro-Grid Ride 3 shoe and I must say I ran without pain or ever getting D.O.M.S.

I had to get a new pair of running shoes recently which has co-incided with me upping the miles as well, so I brought a Neutral shoe from the Saucont range again as they did not sell the Ride 3 anymore.

I now constantly run with what feels like dead legs and it has only started since trying to wear in these new shoes.

Is it the new shoes that is causing this?

Has my gait changed within the last year?

Should I get my gait analysed again for the build up to VLM2013.

Or do I just need a sports massage to relieve the build up of tension due to the increase in training?

oh and whilst upping my milleage I was running in my old shoes and felt absolutely fine.


Any tips would help

Posted 13.12.12, 12:44pm

Not sure I can give you a definitive answer, but if you are getting tighter quads while upping your training, I would think this increase in training is the most likely cause.

That said, it wouldn't be a bad idea to have your gait analysed again, as it may well have changed, especially if you were a newbie last year.

Finally, new shoes will necessarily have a different feel, and I think the Progrid Ride 3 were perceived as especially bouncy, so you may have a big contrast.

Good luck.

Posted 13.12.12, 3:03pm

If your quads are taking a hit, check you're not overstriding (i.e. reaching out with your foot to land too far in front).

Posted 13.12.12, 3:56pm

Like Rob says (although I hate to agree with him),,,,it's most likely your form unless your shoes are completely wrong..!..you don't look like the smallest guy in training so because you are upping the miles you are putting a huge amount of extra stress on the bits that keep you upright. Just look at a few youtube running form vids and try it out to see what you may be doing wrong. Smaller steps (faster foot/leg turnover) is one way that can really help, but you probs need a more holistic approach to iron out all the wrinkles. Anyhow, you are doing very well at this stage and should be confident about the next few months.

Posted 13.12.12, 4:27pm

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