Any 1st time London marathoners from Renfrewshire?

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Anyone out there from Renfrewshire running the London Marathon for the 1st time? Would be great to hear from you to hear what routes you are running and how your training is doing? Anything for a bit of moral support!

Posted 03.02.13, 7:58pm

Hi there Johanne

I'm in Fife so on the other side of the country. Just finding the inclement weather a struggle. If its not snow or sideways rain its gale force winds. I'm up to just over 13 miles. Biggest problem is finding a route round here that isnt hilly. I suppose the flat London route will feel good after all the hills i've been running up and down.




Posted 04.02.13, 9:29am

Hi Dave...yes I can relate to everything you're saying! I stay 'up the hill' in a small village so I have always got one large hill to negotiate to get back home!   So is London pretty flat then? I'll need to study the route. Looking forward to it...kind of! I did 18 miles before Xmas then started working back up again after New Year. Did 13 yesterday and am planning the following as my long runs...15,16,14,18,20,20,15,22,15,12 then the BIG ONE! As we all know tho the best laid plans.......!! What are your plans? 

Posted 04.02.13, 12:56pm

I have to negotiate a 200 foot incline into the village whichever way i run. I figure if i can do that after two hours i can do anything. I dont think there is much in the way of big hills on the London course. I'm following the intermediate plan i downloaded from here. Seems to be working so far. I never thought i was capable of running for two hours but i managed that on Saturday. The weekly long runs steadily build up to 200 mins by the end of March though there is a mini taper in there somewhere. I'm looking forward to the big day. Just going to enjoyit whatever happens and not get too obsessed with a particular time.

Posted 04.02.13, 2:13pm

You sound like you're doing great!  I need to think along your way of thinking tho and look forward to it and try and enjoy it when the time comes! I'm a panic merchant tho and the nerves are jangling already! Good luck!

Posted 04.02.13, 5:29pm

Hello Johanne and Dave, my name is David and i am a bit nearer to you Johanne as i live in East Renfrewshire. This will be my first London Marathon, but is my third marathon. I ran 2 last year (2012) Fort William in April and Dublin in October.

I would say if it is your first ever marathon...just relax and enjoy. You should know from your training a rough time for finishing, but don't get too hung up on a time and just see how things go.

How is both your training going?Laughing

Posted 08.02.13, 9:15pm

Hi David....thanks for posting. Well done on 2 marathons in one year! Impressed! My training going fine(I think!). Got 15 miles tomorow which I've done before, just before Xmas, so will be good to see how I feel in comparison to the last one( I was ok the last time). I normally do a bootcamp on a Saturday morn but can't manage today due to an early morning footie run....not happy!  As marathon running is all new to me I'm constantly reading runner's mags and checking stuff up online! I'm at the point now of thinking about how I'm going to 'fuel' myself. When I was training for a half marathon I tried gels but didn't like them cos I found them really hard to open! I did the Glasgow Half marathon in Sept and just took a handful of jellly babies with me and some water. When I've been doing longish runs recently I've been taking lucozade sport 'lite' with me but I think I'll start taking the 'full sugar' version with me from now on cos that appears to be what will be available on the day. What are your thoughts on fueling? Do you think Lucozades and a good sized portion of jelly babies will see me through on the day or should I persevere with the gels and practice opening them? 

Posted 09.02.13, 7:29am

P.s. Meant to say.....starting to panic that I've not left myself enough time to get registered at the Expo! We get into London  at 12.45 on the Saturday....surely this will be enough time to get to the Expo by 5pm?? Please say yes!

Posted 09.02.13, 7:33am

Johanne, i may have done two marathons,but this does not make me an expert in any way. In saying that i am starting to understand what works for me on the long runs and it needs to be something that works for you....and you have tried out on a few long runs.

For me personally, i used Lucozade Sports Gels, Hi-5 gels in my first marathon in Fort William last April. I was also taking on water and Lucozade Sport which was handed out on the course. I was going well until mile 22 and then i could hardly move...still finished in 3hrs 49 mins, so was happy to get under 4 hours. For the second marathon in Dublin i did not use gels and instead used Clif shot Bloks and Glucose tablets...and again water and a sports drink similar to Lucozade Sport. In this case i never hit any 'wall' and actually finished really strongly in 3hrs 16 mins. So obviously i'll be using the same in London and hoping for similar results.

What i would say about fuelling is that i think it is more important to focus on what you eat in the days and night before the long runs/marathon. And another point...take on gels/tablets,whatever, earlier on in the marathon than you think...i think in Dublin i took my first shot blok at between 5-6 miles, even though i felt really fresh i took it to kick in when i needed it miles later.

As for going to the Expo i have not been to London Marathon before so can't answer, but i guess it will be ok if you go straight to the expo after you arrive and then head into London. We are lucky that my mother-in-law is looking after our 4 kids from the Thursday night and we are heading down early friday morning....straight to expo from the airport then into London to hotel. On Saturday i am spending most of it sitting down as my wife wants to go and see 'Wicked' so that is what we are doing on Saturday afternoon....great. Better than trailing round shops in LondonSmile

Posted 09.02.13, 12:53pm

Nunu on here recommended a particular brand of gels (can't remember which one now) that I personally found to be better tasting and slightly higher energy content than the lucozade ones so I used them for quite a while but then switched to Clif Shot Bloks which I think are great, less sickly and much easier on the stomach. Try a few things out and see what works for you.


I loaded up my belt with them but didn't actually eat that much on the day. Was more comfortable slowly sipping the free Lucozade sport as I ran.


You should be fine at the Expo. You will be there at the busiest time but it's just a matter of queuing. If you know anyone in and around London I believe you can get them to pick your number up on your behalf. You can then just relax and enjoy wandering around the Expo rather than queuing for hours.

Posted 09.02.13, 1:44pm

Thanks very much David & Dean...great advice from you both!  I'm going to buy those Clif Shot blocks and see how I get on!

Posted 09.02.13, 8:45pm


I'm from Paisley and I'm doing the marathon this year!


Posted 11.02.13, 11:15am

Great to hear from you Emily! I'm from Bridge of Weir! We can compare notes on this!  

Posted 11.02.13, 5:15pm

How is everyone's training going? It's very quiet on here. Are we all concentrating on our training? Wink

Can't believe it's only 9 weeks to go...After Sundays long run that is half my training plan done. (I am doing an 18 week plan to allow for any disruptions-weather/illness/etc).Undecided

Posted 16.02.13, 9:42am

Hi valdav, quite a few of the members on here mention how there training is going on the blogs! try them out and have a read:)

Posted 16.02.13, 9:44am

Hi guys....yes training going fine..I hope! Always a worry tho that you dont think you are doing enough and as the time gets closer that worry will get worse(for me anyway!).  I got a 16 mile run planned for tomorrow and have my Clif Shot bloks ready to take with me!!  Hope they make me run like the wind!!

Posted 16.02.13, 1:26pm

Johanne-How did you get on with the clif shot bloks during your 16 mile run? Did you notice any big difference? 

Posted 20.02.13, 10:11pm

Hi David.........glad you asked! I have to say the jury is still out on them! I found them quite hard to chew and felt I was using up energy chewing them lol! I took 4 out on my run with me and had the 1st one after 6 miles then the rest every 3 miles.  Was thinking I might find them easier to eat if I cut them in half 1st and took them with me that way!  I had a bottle of lucozade sport with me too and more or less finished that by the end of the 16 miles. It really is sickly sweet tho. I took that with me cos that's what I believe will be getting handed out on the day and wanted to get used to it.  Have to admit I didn't feel as tho the sweets or the lucozade gave me any more energy than normal tho :-( Am I looking for a miracle?! 

Posted 21.02.13, 9:32pm

Must admit I am not a great fan of shot blocs but know lots of people who really rate them.

What I would say trying to be fair is that you probably didnt take anywhere near enough. Think from memory of the blocs (half a packet) is roughly equivalent to a gel. So taking one bloc is about a 1/3 of a gel. So in total you only took maybe 50 grams of carbs which is really neither here or there.

Think you either buy into the whole carb thing (and I am less sure than I used to be ) and therefore go for it or don't. But no point being in the middle

Posted 21.02.13, 10:13pm

Hi Keith...yes probably didn't take enough as you say but they were hard going chewy wise! I've only got a wee mouth and when I popped one in I looked as tho I had a big gum boil!! Anybody that passed me must've thought what on earth!! So that's how I thought about cutting them in pockets will be full of them! I really dont like the gels as I find them dead sticky and hard to open.........I sound like a right pain don't I!  How many carbs do you reckon I should have consumed during that 16 mile run and how many do you reckon I should take 'on the day?' Thanks

Posted 22.02.13, 7:52am

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