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This really is just a moan/feel sorry for myself post. So there I was feeling smug that everything has been going to plan. Last week I was up to 12 miles on my long run half of which comprises of some serious hills. No injuries, even my foam roller has been collecting dust.

And then it all went to pot – I was getting ready for my long run on Saturday and as I was heading down the stairs I slipped and hit my forehead on the bannister - I didn't even get the benefit of having an elaborate and exciting story behind it. Bright stars (literally) an egg on my head, throwing up and feeling punch drunk means running and bouncing whats left of my brain with mild concussion probably isn’t a good combination – plus I still feel like I’ve got a hangover without having the benefit of consuming the good stuff so no running or physical exertion for a least a week though 10 days is preferable (according to my doc). As I also cycle to work which is 15miles each way I may just have to considering giving up that marmalade and consider taking up pilates.

I just now have to keep convincing my irrational demon at the back of my injured head that 10 days off doesn’t mean that I’m going to suddenly forget how to run or leave me with the lung function of a 40 a day smoker.

Posted 22.01.13, 12:42pm

Unlucky marmalade..the rest won't hurt you though. although if you do stop running for too long your legs will explode of course..!!SurprisedFrown

Posted 22.01.13, 6:45pm

Don't panic, your doing just fine and missing 10 days won't matter, try and keep those demons at bay!Wink

Posted 22.01.13, 7:05pm

Hi, unlucky marmalade , just say it's an unforseen well deserved rest, considering the conditions also i should say that there is a few people who have'nt ran for over a week anyway, so don't let it worry you too much it looks like you are well up to date with your training so a few missed runs won't affect things at all, keep your chin up.

 Cheers Billyboy,Smile

Posted 22.01.13, 8:54pm

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