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Hi fellow buzzers'

Good luck to all on their lsr's in the morning it seems like it is going to be a bit nippy so will need a few extra layers on, just recovered from a throat and chest infection, went running twice in the week 3 and four milers and i felt ok, so will go for a 6/7 mls in the morn and see how it go's.

 Cheers Billyboy,Smile

Posted 10.11.12, 9:11pm

Looks like they're all still out there billyboy...!!!Frown

Posted 12.11.12, 11:43am

How did the run go then? I did 6 miles yesterday.Blooming freezing. 

Posted 12.11.12, 7:56pm

Did a run in Milton Keynes yesterday was glorious running weather, very cold to start but barely a cloud all the time. Winter sunshine running gotta love it

Posted 12.11.12, 8:13pm

Hi flanks and fudge,

    Nice to have some feedback, it's getting a bit too quiet on here not known it this quiet before, there must be a lot of lurkers in the background, it seems like it's just the normal few regulars on here most of the time posting and replying, ah well better the few than none at all. Anyway yesterday morning was brilliant weather for a lsr it was'nt as cold as i thought it would be and i did 7 mls with no reaction to my chest and throat infections also saw a few fellow runners out aswell.

 Cheers Billyboy,Foot in MouthWinkSmile

Posted 12.11.12, 8:27pm

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