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Hi there,

Has anyone else heard that the London Marathon this year will start at 10:00am instead of the usual 9:45? I saw it on a 'tweet' at the weekend, but I haven't seen or read it anywhere else. The Clock countdown on the VLM site seems to still be ticking towards a 9:45 start.

Posted 04.02.13, 4:52pm

Someone mentioned it on here the other day - nothing I can see on website yet. Wonder if anyone who went to one of the meet the experts day at the weekend heard anything?

Extra 15 minutes in bed?

Posted 04.02.13, 5:35pm

Hope so!

Its always such a bloody rush from St Albans!!!


Posted 04.02.13, 7:06pm

Always thought it was such a random eccentrically British time to start a major race

Posted 04.02.13, 8:02pm

Got to do with optimising TV rights I imagine, getting the right balance of the men's, women's, and wheelchair elete races. I'd imagine any change in the start time would not be considered lightly. If true, I'm surprised news on the change is not wider knowledge. At the moment I'm wondering if what I saw tweeted was a hoax. 

Posted 04.02.13, 8:49pm

Yep, at Meet the Experts yesterday it was confirmed: 10am start.



Posted 04.02.13, 9:24pm

yep its changed

its point number 3!! maybe not so stressful getting to the start in good time!

Posted 05.02.13, 3:20pm

Cheers. Thanks for the confirmation. 

Posted 05.02.13, 4:01pm

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