MAybe the wrong place but VLM reject, what next, Brighton or Edinburgh?

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Gutted not to get into London but now wanting to run another marathon, I have considered Edinburgh seriously and looking at Brighton. Which one would everyone first first?


The distance from where I am is almost the same! London was too crowded and I didn@t get the time I could have (4 hours 10) and I have heard Edinburgh is quicker. Has anyone done both? I would quite like to do both at some point.

Posted 06.10.12, 8:14am

Brightons a great race, nice & friendly and reasonable support (although nowhere near as good as London in support terms) but is full for 2013 and only charity places going (cheaper than London) Good fast course very flat - real PB fest

Havent done Edinburgh but its net downhill so pretty fast. Think support in centre is supposed to be good but a big out and back bit I understand that is a bit sparese and at risk or weather(wind) but will be corrected by someone who has done it. Know a few people who go back year after year - tends to full up much slower than other races. Think its still open for general entries

Other options are Manchester and Milton Keynes - probably both closer to you. Have done MK and first go was a good race (although unlucky with weather) and you certainly would have  agreat chance of a PB, stadium finish. Manchester had some major issues last year with baggae but sure they will have sorted that out before. Both still open for 2013


Posted 06.10.12, 8:25am

Thanks. I didn't fancy Manchester- I will do it eventually but not yet. VLM rejects are guaranteed a place at Edinburgh and I could probaby get a charity place for Brighton (£600 to raise which isn't too bad). I am worried about the heat in May in Edinburgh, not too bothered about the support. 


I will look at MK didn't think of that one!

Posted 06.10.12, 8:34am

Ive done Edinburgh three times. Its an ok course but is about as much in Edinburgh as London is! It starts in the City but immediately heads out and doesn't come back! The section between Seaton Sands, around the loop of Gosforth House and back is a lonely one. Its fairly flat though and finishes at the park in Musselburgh. The organisation this year was better than the last two years but still falls short of other races Ive done, Inverness last week was particulalry well organised.

Posted 06.10.12, 9:44am

I've done Edinburgh, Manchester and Chester. All good/great in their own. I'm doing Paris and Yorkshire this year and failed 9 times to get into London, until Friday when I got in via Adidas UK.  

Posted 21.01.13, 9:19pm

I've done Brighton and Edinburgh. I live near Brighton and therefore as it is my local, my family come out to cheer and laugh at me from a very convenient Hove that will always be best for me. Did ED in 2009 and it was a great run and enjoyed my weekend there. Out of the two, I would say Brighton is the better route.  I have done all 3 of them so far and they have all been HOT !!  Laws of averages say that one year it we will have horrendous weather and being so exposed, it would be pretty vile.

So, weather aside - as we can do sod all about that, I would big thumbs up for brighton BUT put ED on your 'To Do' list for sure.  Laughing

Posted 22.01.13, 9:15am

There are lots of other marathons available.  Those with the big city feel have been named, but some of the smaller ones are run through really attractive countryside and can be somewhat friendlier than some of the bigger ones.

Posted 25.01.13, 8:33pm

Hi ,


I have done london, edinburgh and milton keynes and this year I am doing brighton. 

Edinburgh has fairly good support the out and back part of the route is not the best but otherwise failry flat good course.  With regard to weather anything can happen I did it in 2011 and it started sunny and warm then absolutely tipped it down with gales blowing against me at some points and even hailstones back to sunshine.  It really was 4 seasons in one day. 


Milton Keynes well I would not do it again, the route used foot paths along the the red route, although the stadium finish was good!  The weather on the other hand was awful I think I technically waded the whole of that marathon! 

Brighton well I hear good things and hope for good things!



Posted 26.01.13, 5:36pm

I quite enjoyed MK apart froom the rain which they couldnt reallyhelp. Nice friendly mid sized marathon. Am doing it again this year and maybe one of the pacers

Posted 26.01.13, 8:41pm

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