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The running club I go to is UKA affiliated but only the club not the individuals. Will I still qualify for a club place for the London Marathon or does the individual need o be UKA affiliated as well?

Yours confused :O(


Posted 02.10.12, 12:53pm

I believe your club will be allocated a handful of places which they will pass them on to the members however they decide, by ballot, who's top of the waiting list or whatever.

Posted 02.10.12, 2:56pm

Just to add as I understand it - the number of places they get is linked to the number of members of UKA in teh club. So if you have no individual members you may not get any places

Posted 02.10.12, 5:08pm

My works club has to have 50 members registered to get 1 place!

Posted 03.10.12, 10:47am

HI All,

Thanks for the replies...

It does appear that not only does the club have to be afilliated but also the individuals have to be members (affiliated) as well and for every 50 members you get 1 marathon place. Currently my running club is affiliated with UKA but none of the runners so this is being looked into. 200+ runners and no marathon slots :o(

Thanks, Shaun

Posted 03.10.12, 11:10am

Hi Shaun,

I'm club secretary for my running club and previously membership secretary, so please let me shine a light so to speak.

Your club currently pays £50 per annum for the club to be registered under UKA.  Each individual member pays an annual fee to your club, your secretary who looks after the membership will take an annual fee from each runner with £5 (£10 for 2013 onwards) going direct to UKA.

This £5 to UKA provides insurance and allows you to typically have a £2 discount to any races you enter.

I struggle to understand why your club has 200+ runners but have not registered you to UKA!!! Thats what the fees are for as well as the remainder going towards the running of the club.



Posted 27.12.12, 7:17pm

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