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has anyone started at the green sstart!

It seems I have been awarded a place at the green start which I'm pretty excited about.

But whats there?

Have anyone here started at green?

Posted 21.11.12, 2:59pm

You get less of a crowd there, more relaxed. Most celebs run from there as well as some good for age. Enjoy

Posted 22.11.12, 1:34pm

Thanks. will look forward to it :)

If they ask me nicely, I'll gove them an autograph but they better not perster me for a photo!

Posted 22.11.12, 2:34pm

I've started from Green a few times over the years and the big advantage is that there are only around 2-3 thousand people, so even if you start at the very back, you will only take around 5 mins before you cross the start line. When you join up with red (and then blue) runners, you will find that you join at a point where they are all pretty fast, so if you are more of a plodder like me, you need to be aware that you don't get carried along at a faster pace than is good for you!! This year I took my camcorder round with me and got a great memento of my day. Managed to film a lot of the (so-called) celebs at the start and quite a few fancy dressers as well. Good LUck !!!


Posted 23.11.12, 1:39pm

Hi folks, how have people found out where they are starting? has more info been sent out? just got a bit worried as I haven't received anything since the initial acceptance letter.

Many thanks

Posted 28.11.12, 2:19pm


You are fine - generally you know what colour start you are on from how you got your place - red for charity places, blue for ballot, green for celebs, sponsors etc


Posted 28.11.12, 7:37pm

 The Red start is the best

Posted 29.11.12, 12:53pm



Many thanks Keith much appreciated!! it will be blue for me then! Can't wait for the day but at the same time not a big fan of these dark cold evening runs!!

Thanks again!


Posted 29.11.12, 1:50pm

I am looking forward to this but must say, the red start certainally is the party start! I started there in 2011 and it was a great laugh. Especially with all the costumes etc!

I love the camcorder idea! I might do that with my phone :O)

Posted 05.12.12, 7:30pm

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