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what do you think is the best exercise to lose weight all over your body?  I've always thought swimming was good for all over but I'm not sure.

Posted 29.04.13, 4:41pm

I'm not sure what's best, but swimming is good as it uses lots of muscles in the body and helps with calorie burn too.

Posted 30.04.13, 10:32am

I'm going for a swim tonight after work! Hopefully the pool is nice and empty :-)

Posted 01.05.13, 9:47am

Swimming is a good all over body WORKOUT, one of the best. Nothing will help you lose 'all over body weight' though - that is down to your body and how it personally loses weight. Exercise can't influence where you lose the weight from, if it did we'd all be much happier with our bodies Undecided

Posted 01.05.13, 6:52pm

I think the best things you can get out of exercise are endorphins, feeling energised and relaxed. I don't necessarily do it to lose weight - maybe to keep toned and feeling fit - but not to be a skinny minnie. 

Posted 02.05.13, 9:48am

Yeah you do feel great after exercise, I find it hard to get going but once I do I'm glad I've pushed myself that little extra bit!

Posted 03.05.13, 9:23am

I'm the same - I always dread exercise but once I'm exercising I actually enjoy it and feel really good afterwards. I don't exercise for weight loss either - mostly just to tone up and feel good.

Posted 07.05.13, 10:42am

I've never felt like that really. I always crave exercise! I can tell when I've not done any in 2/3 days as I get grumpy. 

Posted 08.05.13, 10:36am

I've never felt like that really. I always crave exercise! I can tell when I've not done any in 2/3 days as I get grumpy. 

Posted 08.05.13, 10:36am

I wish I was like that! I always have to force myself to exercise. I like going for walks and stuff and couldn't just sit round the house all day, but I could quite happily go for days without doing any intense workouts!

Posted 09.05.13, 12:07pm

Me too! Once I get into the habit of exercising I tend to miss it if I don't go. But then if I haven't exercised in a while I can go weeks without bothering. Not good!

Posted 13.05.13, 5:00pm

Same here. I've got into quite a good habit of exercising before work, only for about 20 minutes, but I feel good for doing it.

Posted 14.05.13, 9:17am

I think it does make a difference just doing a bit of exercise in the morning. I go through phases of being really committed to exercising every morning and then not doing any for ages. I'm in the second phase at the moment unfortunately...

Posted 16.05.13, 11:24am

It's probably because the weather is pants! If it was sunny in the mornings maybe you'd be more motivated to exercise 

Posted 17.05.13, 11:14am

I agree about the weather thing! If you lived right next to a nice sunny beach it'd certainly be a lot easier to go out for a run in the mornings.

Posted 18.05.13, 9:49am

me too, how lovely would that be!  The waves crashing one side of you and the sun on your face - perfect!

Posted 21.05.13, 4:02pm

Yes obviously, swimming is one of the best way to reduce weight, but don’t only depend on swimming along with you can include some more practice to give better and fast result.

There are many ways to reduce weight such as exercise, yoga, and you can also include some tips to check your food intake, as that would help more to lose and get your goals on time.

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Posted 25.07.13, 10:56am

swimming works all the various muscles so it's usually regarded as the best overall exercise for your body. But it should not be the only form to rely on, as you may want to focus predominantly on one area.

Make sure you're eating right and it will all go hand in hand.

Posted 30.07.13, 11:10am

Swimming is very good for weight loss but most of the people don't know how to swim. You need to play sports like soccer, basketbal, hockey etc.

Posted 18.02.14, 9:59am

I played football for a long time and that didn't help me, I would suggest swimming. Even better though is doing cardio/weight exercises.

Posted 19.02.14, 4:28pm

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