Introduction to golf

Golf is no longer the preserve of the rich and famous. Pretty much anyone can give give golf a go, and you don't even have to wear those ridiculous plus-fours either. Golf is an exceptionally skilful game and is great way of easing yourself back into fitness or just going along for the social side of the sport, especially the 19th hole!

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How to get started in golf

Getting started is not as difficult as you might think. While many golf courses are for members only and can be difficult to get into, your options are not just narrowed down to playing on a lovingly tended 18-hole club course.

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Top 10 tips for golfing beginners

Golf has a reputation for being something of an elite sport, played by just a stuffy few in exclusive clubs by men wearing silly clothes. While that is still the case in some places, golf is certainly becoming more accessible and increasingly popular. The experience can be daunting — with the eyes of other players on you as you set off on a round, but we have come up with the following golfing tips, that will make your play and your golf experience that much better.

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Golfing equipment for beginners

Golf can be a particularly expensive sport and the more seriously you take it the more you are likely to spend. But you need not break the bank to get yourself kitted out with some excellent clubs that will be more than adequate for your golfing requirements initially. And don't forget the other golfing gear you're going to need such as decent waterproof clothing to ensure your round of golf goes with a swing.

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Golf terms explained

You may think that a round of golf might end up with you reaching for a birdwatcher’s handbook, with birdies, eagles and albatrosses among some of the common golfing terms, and you might also have concerns about stumbling upon a bogey or a bit of rough.

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The beginner's guide to golf etiquette

Golf has many rules and traditions, as well as a certain etiquette that should be adhered to in order to prevent you from irritating other golfers. There is certainly nothing worse than an inconsiderate golfer who doesn’t pay attention to other golfers around them, nor gives a thought for the golf course itself — which is why the rules are there

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Top tips for finding somewhere to play golf

Do you want to play golf but don’t quite know where to get started? You may be put off by the general stuffiness associated with some golf clubs, but finding somewhere to play need not be that difficult at all. Check out the following golf course tips which should help get you into the swing of things at your local golf course or wherever it is you choose to play.

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Warming up for golf

Golf may not at first sight appear the most energetic sport around, but its combination of swinging arm motions, leg flexibility, and core strength ensures it still requires a large degree of warm-up preparation. Whether you’re a golfing novice or seasoned expert, it is good practice to loosen up before enjoying a golfing session, to avoid injuries and play a more assured game.

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