Use the map to plot and measure your training and find other routes in your area.

  • Hi and welcome to realbuzz maps. We’d like to show you around to help you get started.

  • This is the 'Create' button. Click here to start creating new markers or routes and add them to the realbuzz map.

  • This button is for your ‘My Maps’ profile. Click here to access your maps settings, see a list of all the routes and markers you own and also view any favourite routes and markers you have added.

  • Next up is the search for maps. To find your way to routes and markers simply type what you’re looking for and then hit 'Enter' when you’re done. You can add multiple terms, such as usernames, locations or exercise types to further refine the results. The search will also make suggestions as you type which you can click on to use if you see something you like.

  • This is the 'Locate me' button. Clicking it will ask your web browser if we can locate where you are in real time. If you allow this, the map will move to your current location to help you create routes and markers in the area.

  • This is the home button. You can set a location for maps to remember as your home in your My Maps profile. Once you have done this you can click the home button at any time to have the maps move you back home.

  • Finally, to navigate around the map click, drag and zoom to your heart's content, you can also click the numbered realbuzz targets to find your way to items in specific areas. We hope you enjoy using the maps to chart your training. If you have any feedback please do contact us.

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