Massage & Running Recovery

The benefits of self-massage for runners

Massage is a great way of reducing your chances of injury, as well as being a a great way to soothe away aches and pains. Self-massage takes time to get right but could be a very useful addition to your running preparation. Here's a guide on how to get started in DIY massage.

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How sports massage can aid your running

Sports massage should play an i ofmportant part in the life of any runner. Massage can not only help the injured runner, but can also help with the avoidance of injury by reducing pain and tension and encouraging blood flow. Here's a guide as to why sports massage should be a part of any runners routine.

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Sports massage benefits for runners

A regular sports massage can help the runner's body no end, to recover from the pains and aches of a lengthy run, and to improve blood supply and flexibility. Whether opting for a massage before or after a running workout or race, runners will soon feel the benefits of a sports massage, beating running injuries by returning to a pre-exercise bodily state. Here's an introduction to the world of sports massage and its running benefits.

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Managing recovery after injury

Running injuries often occur totally out of the blue and can be a great frustration to those impeded by them. What can be more irksome to a runner than being unable to run? Yet, with guidance from and careful control of the injury you could ease your way back to full health. Being aware of the limitations of your injury and knowing how to best overcome them will greatly aid your recovery.

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The benefits of physio and massage

Physiotherapy and massage is something that will always have a place in an athlete’s life and it’s something that becomes increasingly more important as your athletic life progresses. Not only because you obviously become more fragile as you get older and injuries begin to creep in, but also because a physiotherapist can really improve your performance as an athlete and help you understand how to get more out of your body.

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