An introduction to meditation

Meditation with its power to relax the soul and relive stress has become a much more popular notion in recent decades.

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The benefits of practicing meditation

Meditation can help us to gain clarity of mind and cultivate emotional positivity, enabling us to handle life’s ups and downs and unexpected events in more creative and effective ways.

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The basics of meditation

Welcome to our guide to the basics of meditation. Here's what you'll need to know to get you started in this calming art.

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Getting started in meditation

There are lots of meditation types around these days. Finding what you are looking for can be quite an adventure in itself. It is really helpful to learn from a teacher who has been practicing meditation for some years and has actual personal experience of the ups and downs, highlights and difficulties encountered in it.

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Top 10 tips for meditation beginners

Meditation is an art that calms the soul and relaxes the mind. Here are our 10 tips for meditation beginners.

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