Introduction to orienteering

Here’s our introduction to the joys of active orienteering. Orienteering is a great sport for getting your body fit and healthy through enjoyable and social exercise. As well as stretching your map reading mental powers, orienteering offers a great workout for the legs, encompassing a fair amount of running.

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Top 10 tips when starting out in orienteering

Below are our top 10 tips for novice orienteers so that (hopefully!) you won’t make the same mistakes that many other orienteers before you have made. Above all remember to pace yourself when out orienteering. It is very tempting to go ‘flat out’ in the first part of a race but don’t forget you’ve still got several checkpoints ahead of you so conserve your energy.

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How to get involved in orienteering

Here’s our guide on how to get involved with orienteering, by joining a club or through the internet.

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Orienteering gear guide

Unlike many sports, the equipment required for orienteering is relatively simple and cheap to buy. Below is a general orienteering gear guide, which you can add to later on if you get the buzz and decide orienteering is the right sport to get your body fit, healthy and active.

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