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Louise Damen
Running Nutrition

Should I add protein/carbohydrate additives to my diet for extra strength?

Personally would always look to real food rather than supplements. Make sure that you get enough protein in your everyday diet and enough carbohydrate without having to rely on supplements. I do appreciate the sometimes from a practical point of view, if you're going out doing a training session and then you know you need to get some some proteins and carbohydrates in quickly afterwards, it's not always feasible to kind of have various ‘real’ foods with you. Certainly protein powders can be useful if you are wanting to have a recovery shake after a hard training session. And if you are training for longer distances your carbohydrate gels and drinks are very useful because when you are on the run it’s not practical to start munching on solid food. So supplements have their place, but consuming ‘real’ food is far more preferable over supplements.

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