Why don't you find out how much you know by taking one of our quizzes. Here you can find quizzes on a variety of topics, all are designed to test your knowledge and teach you something new.

  • What's your stress IQ?

    What’s your stress IQ?

    So, are you continually cool as a cucumber? Or do you go through life from one stressful situation to another? Well, we’ve put together a 10-question quiz to test your stress knowledge and hopefully help you to relax and keep your cool if you are feeling the strain.

  • How well do you know your body?

    How well do you know your body?

    We use it every day when we walk, talk, think, eat, and sleep — it belongs to us. But how well do you know your body? Well, realbuzz.com challenges you to answer 10 body-knowledge questions to test how much you really know about your body.

  • Test your calorie IQ

    Test your calorie IQ

    It looks good and in fact it looks relatively healthy, but do you actually know what you’re about to eat?  We’ve selected top brands and recipes to find out how well you know your food.  realbuzz.com challenges you to take our test and find out how well you really know what you’re about to put in your mouth!

  • what's your beach iq?

    Test your beach IQ

    Woo hoo for the summer and beautiful beach time! How much time do you spend there? Are you all clued up beaches, rules and water sports? Take our quiz to find out how beach savvy you are before you head out to enjoy the (hopefully) clear skies and soft sand.  

  • how injury proof are you?

    How injury-proof are you?

    How well do you treat your body? As well as clocking up the training sessions and keeping active, you need to make sure you pay attention to caring for your body too, after all the last thing you want is an injury. So to check your body care knowledge, take our quick quiz and find out how injury-proof you are.

  • Random festive facts

    Random festive facts

    If you are not feeling the festive spirit already, to get you in the Christmas mood and test your Yuletide knowledge, here’s our quick-fire Christmas quiz ...

  • What's your recovery IQ

    What’s your recovery IQ?

    When training for big event like a marathon, obviously it’s the training and prep before the race that is the main focus, but what happens after the event? Do you know how to treat your body once you have crossed the finish line? Try our 10-question quiz that will test your recovery knowledge.

  • What's your race day IQ?

    What’s your race day IQ?

    Okay, so you’ve done all your prep, followed your training plan pretty much to the letter, and all in all feeling ready for race day. But, the last thing you want is something to go wrong on the big day itself. So, to test your race day knowledge, have a crack at our 10-question quiz and see how you’re going to shape up for race day.

  • What's your race IQ?

    What's your race IQ?

    Now is the time when we’re literally running into the peak running season, with plenty of races on the horizon. But how much do you really know about race events? Here’s a 10-question quiz to test your race knowledge. Get a move on ...

  • What's your running IQ?

    What’s your running IQ?

    Do you know your running IQ? Your running IQ isn’t a test to see if you can name each successive world record holder for the mile since Roger Bannister’s 3:59.4 in 1954; it’s a test of your knowledge of good running training, racing and nutritional practices.

    Whether you’re a new convert or a seasoned campaigner on the roads and trails, just how knowledgeable do you think you are about running?

    Pit your running know-how against the realbuzz.com running IQ test and see how you perform, you’re certain to pick up some useful tips and you might even be surprised at your scores!

  • What's your energy IQ?

    What’s your energy IQ?

    Think you know your energy sources and the best ways to fuel your body? Try our quick 10 question quiz to find out how much you really know about what you’re eating and drinking.

    You may well learn a thing or two about the correct nutritional requirements for your sport, and could find the answers you and your training programs are looking for ... 

  • What's your diet IQ?

    What’s your diet IQ?

    New diets are constantly springing up from all over the world — ‘eat this’, ‘avoid that’ ‘try these’, with different rules and ‘top tips’ to follow. So, how diet savvy are you? Have you been known to try any diet around? Check out these questions to find out how clued-up you really are on diets and the weight loss ‘solutions’ they offer.

  • What's your sleep IQ?

    What's your sleep IQ?

    We all do it, some of us for longer than others, during the day, and at night, on the sofa, underground, bus, train and plane. Yup – we are talking sleep, but how much do you know about good old ‘shut eye’, and how important it is to your health and wellbeing? To find out, take our 10 question quiz and test your snooze IQ.

  • What's your marathon IQ?

    What’s your marathon IQ?

    The marathon, a whopping 26.2 miles (42.2km), a test of body, mind and will, but how much do you know about this awesome event and what it takes to train for it? Here's your chance to test your marathon knowledge in our quick 10-question quiz.

  • Man eating pizza

    What’s your junk food IQ?

    The junk food industry is massive, with plenty of gut-busting and jaw-dropping stats on exactly how much filthy fast food we eat.

    So, we have put together 10 questions that test your knowledge, show you how globally obsessed we are with junk food, and maybe make you think twice when you next reach for a quick and greasy snack.

  • Test your track cycling knowledge

    Test your track cycling knowledge

    Here’s 10 testers of your track cycling knowledge. You’ll be pleased to hear it’s not a time trial so take as long as you like over these; just make sure you get them right.

  • Test your sailing knowledge

    Test your sailing knowledge

    How much do you think you know about sailing? Here’s a few questions that should be a sea breeze for you. If you struggle, then make sure you check out our other sailing articles which will provide you with a firm grasp of the basics.

  • Cheesy xmas film quiz

    Cheesy Christmas film quiz

    Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a cheesy film and plenty of tasty refreshments. But can you remember much from these festive favorites? It might be a bit of a challenge, especially as you probably last watched them half asleep, stuffed full of chocolate, washed down with several glasses baileys ...

  • test your lacrosse knowledge

    Test your lacrosse knowledge

    Think you know all about lacrosse? Put your lacrosse knowledge to the test by taking on our 10 testing questions ...

  • Celebrity diet quiz

    Celebrity diet quiz

    Have you ever wondered how celebrities keep so trim? There are many tricks to get that perfect red-carpet body but not all of them are that healthy! Have a go at our ‘Celebrity diet quiz’ and discover how the celebs really do it!

  • Test rugby league knowledge

    Test your Rugby League knowledge

    Think you know all about the basics of Rugby League? Put yourself to the test with these ten testers of your Rugby League knowledge.

  • Beaches of the world

    Beaches of the world

    From film locations, to famous sights to see, to just plain general knowledge, we’ve put together 10 questions to test you on your ‘beach’ knowledge, and inspire your future holiday choices!

  • Calorie culprits

    Calorie culprits

    It looks good and it looks relatively healthy, but do you actually know what you’re about to eat?  We’ve selected top brands and recipes to find out how well you know your food.  realbuzz.com challenges you to take our test and find out how well you really know what you’re about to put in your mouth!

  • Are you travel savvy?

    Are you travel savvy?

    The world is vast and wonderful place and it would take you a lifetime to see even a small portion of it. However, if you’re a seasoned or well read traveller, then why not have a go at our 10 travel teasers and see if you’re really as travel savvy as you think?

  • What's your injury IQ

    What’s your injury IQ?

    With David Beckham finally discovering where his Achilles heel actually is in the lead up to the 2010 World Cup, he’s not the only one to suffer with a sporting injury which has kept him out of his favourite sport. But, how much do you think you know about dreaded injuries which affect all sportsmen and women out there? Take our injury IQ test to find out ...

  • What's your sports participation IQ

    What’s your sports participation IQ?

    We’re sure you all like to think of yourselves as a healthy active lot, but how much do you know about the activity levels of everyone else? Here’s a 10-question quiz to test your knowledge of the state of the nations. Be a good sport and give it a go …

  • Test your aussie rules knowledge

    Test your Aussie Rules knowledge

    How much do you think you know about Aussie Rules? Here’s a few questions that should be a doddle for genuine ‘footy’ fans, but could prove a little more testing if you are only just getting your head around the game.

  • What's your booze IQ?

    What's your booze IQ?

    Most of us enjoy the odd drink or two but we pretty much know that too much of a good thing can actually be a bad thing.  Alcohol is no exception. So to clue you up on the dangers of the devils elixir, here’s a 10-question quiz to test your booze knowledge. Cheers ...

  • Are you sun savvy?

    Are you sun savvy?

    Whether you live somewhere with a hot climate or a place rarely blessed with the sun’s rays, it’s always important to protect your skin against the sun. While it may be a great source of Vitamin D (that we do all need to get daily) prolonged exposure to the sun poses several health hazards that can be prevented. So, test your solar knowledge and find out how sun savvy you are with our 10-question quiz.

  • Does your daily diet make the grade?

    Does your daily diet make the grade?

    So are you top of the class when it comes to healthy eating, getting all the right foods, in the right amounts every day? Well, now’s your chance to put your nutritional habits to the test. The following quiz is designed to grade your diet based on a daily intake of food, so you’ll get the best results if you answer the questions based on what you’d eat on an average day ... be honest now.

  • What’s your fitness class personality?

    What’s your fitness class personality?

    For some, a long, solitary run in open countryside is the perfect workout. Mixed doubles on the tennis court, on the other hand, may be their idea of hell. Surfing? Yes please. Snowboarding? Over my dead body.

    Which just goes to show that when it comes to workout choice, one man’s elixir is another man’s poison.

    So what about you? Is it terrifying descents on a mountain bike that gets you going, a country hike or mastering the moves in a dance class? Take the quiz below to find out what workouts are right for you... and help you get the most out of your fitness regime.

    Read the questions below and select the answer that most applies to you.

  • What’s your running personality?

    What’s your running personality?

    Runners — what a funny breed ... you can range from the obsessive for whom running is everything, through to the casual runner whose training trips are a way to burn off the beers from the previous night.

    So what kind of runner are you? Simply answer the 10 below (if you can fit it in with your training schedule that is) and find out your running personality!

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