Why don't you find out how much you know by taking one of our quizzes. Here you can find quizzes on a variety of topics, all are designed to test your knowledge and teach you something new.

  • What's your injury IQ

    What’s your injury IQ?

    With David Beckham finally discovering where his Achilles heel actually is in the lead up to the 2010 World Cup, he’s not the only one to suffer with a sporting injury which has kept him out of his favourite sport. But, how much do you think you know about dreaded injuries which affect all sportsmen and women out there? Take our injury IQ test to find out ...

  • What's your sports participation IQ

    What’s your sports participation IQ?

    We’re sure you all like to think of yourselves as a healthy active lot, but how much do you know about the activity levels of everyone else? Here’s a 10-question quiz to test your knowledge of the state of the nations. Be a good sport and give it a go …

  • Test your aussie rules knowledge

    Test your Aussie Rules knowledge

    How much do you think you know about Aussie Rules? Here’s a few questions that should be a doddle for genuine ‘footy’ fans, but could prove a little more testing if you are only just getting your head around the game.

  • What's your booze IQ?

    What's your booze IQ?

    Most of us enjoy the odd drink or two but we pretty much know that too much of a good thing can actually be a bad thing.  Alcohol is no exception. So to clue you up on the dangers of the devils elixir, here’s a 10-question quiz to test your booze knowledge. Cheers ...

  • Are you sun savvy?

    Are you sun savvy?

    Whether you live somewhere with a hot climate or a place rarely blessed with the sun’s rays, it’s always important to protect your skin against the sun. While it may be a great source of Vitamin D (that we do all need to get daily) prolonged exposure to the sun poses several health hazards that can be prevented. So, test your solar knowledge and find out how sun savvy you are with our 10-question quiz.

  • Does your daily diet make the grade?

    Does your daily diet make the grade?

    So are you top of the class when it comes to healthy eating, getting all the right foods, in the right amounts every day? Well, now’s your chance to put your nutritional habits to the test. The following quiz is designed to grade your diet based on a daily intake of food, so you’ll get the best results if you answer the questions based on what you’d eat on an average day ... be honest now.

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