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  • What’s your fitness class personality?

    What’s your fitness class personality?

    For some, a long, solitary run in open countryside is the perfect workout. Mixed doubles on the tennis court, on the other hand, may be their idea of hell. Surfing? Yes please. Snowboarding? Over my dead body.

    Which just goes to show that when it comes to workout choice, one man’s elixir is another man’s poison.

    So what about you? Is it terrifying descents on a mountain bike that gets you going, a country hike or mastering the moves in a dance class? Take the quiz below to find out what workouts are right for you... and help you get the most out of your fitness regime.

    Read the questions below and select the answer that most applies to you.

  • What’s your running personality?

    What’s your running personality?

    Runners — what a funny breed ... you can range from the obsessive for whom running is everything, through to the casual runner whose training trips are a way to burn off the beers from the previous night.

    So what kind of runner are you? Simply answer the 10 below (if you can fit it in with your training schedule that is) and find out your running personality!

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