Random festive facts

If you are not feeling the festive spirit already, to get you in the Christmas mood and test your Yuletide knowledge, here’s our quick-fire Christmas quiz ...

Random festive facts
  • Q1

    What does the term ‘Hot cockles’ refer to?

  • Q2

    Approximately how many people become ill each year due to eating Christmas leftovers?

  • Q3

    The average person consumes approximately how many calories on Christmas day?

  • Q4

    How many turkeys are sold in the UK each Christmas?

  • Q5

    Which film appears on TV more often than any other during the Christmas period?

  • Q6

    To the nearest ton, how heavy was the world's largest Christmas pudding?

  • Q7

    According to collaboration between Moët & Chandon and Heineken, how many bubbles are there in a bottle of champagne?

  • Q8

    How much weight does the average person gain during the 4 week Christmas period?

  • Q9

    If you hit the bar at the works do and put away one glass of champers, 4 glasses of red wine and a shot of Baileys, how many units of alcohol would you be consuming?

  • Q10

    A pint of premium lager has the same amount of calories as ...


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