Test your beach IQ

Woo hoo for the summer and beautiful beach time! How much time do you spend there? Are you all clued up beaches, rules and water sports? Take our quiz to find out how beach savvy you are before you head out to enjoy the (hopefully) clear skies and soft sand.  

what's your beach iq?
  • Q1

    On a UK beach what do the red and yellow flags stand for?

  • Q2

    What should you do if you get caught in a rip current?

  • Q3

    A beach that has been given a blue flag indicates which of the following;

  • Q4

    What’s the furthest any place will be in the UK from the coast?

  • Q5

    What’s the height of the tallest sandcastle to have been built?

  • Q6

    Surfing first became popular in Australia, is this true or false?

  • Q7

    Which country invented the modern bikini?

  • Q8

    The classic TV series ‘Baywatch’ was filmed on the beaches of which City?

  • Q9

    What is skimboarding?

  • Q10

    Is the idea that urine can ease a jellyfish sting true or false ?


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