What’s your fitness class personality?

For some, a long, solitary run in open countryside is the perfect workout. Mixed doubles on the tennis court, on the other hand, may be their idea of hell. Surfing? Yes please. Snowboarding? Over my dead body.

Which just goes to show that when it comes to workout choice, one man’s elixir is another man’s poison.

So what about you? Is it terrifying descents on a mountain bike that gets you going, a country hike or mastering the moves in a dance class? Take the quiz below to find out what workouts are right for you... and help you get the most out of your fitness regime.

Read the questions below and select the answer that most applies to you.

What’s your fitness class personality?
  • Q1

    Some people don't consider themselves to have exercised unless they’ve practically thrown up, gone purple and are drenched in sweat. How hard do you like to push yourself?

  • Q2

    Are you a gadget freak, always first with the latest equipment, or do you like to keep it simple?

  • Q3

    For some people, working up a sweat isn’t worth a thing unless there’s a chance of winning. How developed is your competitive streak?

  • Q4

    Some people see their workouts as part of their social lives, while for others; it’s a rare opportunity to be alone. What’s most important to you?

  • Q5

    Are you a problem solver when you sweat, or do you like to switch to autopilot and just do it? Exercise helps you...

  • Q6

    Do you need a little extra help to get those trainers on or does it come naturally to you?

  • Q7

    Some people like to focus on one activity while others prefer a smorgasbord of workouts to keep them interested.

  • Q8

    Not all the benefits of exercise are about size and shape. But what evidence do you need to reassure you that you are getting fitter?

  • Q9

    Are you a natural show-off or do you prefer to exercise anonymously?

  • Q10

    Being close to the place that you need to be at for your workouts has been shown in research to be a crucial factor in sticking with it. But how important are fluffy towels and CardioTheater to you?

  • Q11

    Like it or love it, most of us know that exercise should be part of our regular weekly regime. How do you feel about your workouts?

  • Q12

    What marks a good workout for you?

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