What’s your junk food IQ?

The junk food industry is massive, with plenty of gut-busting and jaw-dropping stats on exactly how much filthy fast food we eat.

So, we have put together 10 questions that test your knowledge, show you how globally obsessed we are with junk food, and maybe make you think twice when you next reach for a quick and greasy snack.

Man eating pizza
  • Q1

    How many calories are there in a Big Mac?

  • Q2

    As well as risk of obesity, a diet high in junk food has also been associated with which of the following conditions?

  • Q3

    How many grams of fat are there in a standard size chicken instant noodle snack?

  • Q4

    How many gallons of Coca Cola is consumed a year in the United States?

  • Q5

    The average American will eat how many donuts each year

  • Q6

    What’s the most popular ice-cream flavour in the United States?

  • Q7

    Approximately how many fish and chip shops are there in UK?

  • Q8

    In which year was the fast-food focused American documentary, Super Size Me released?

  • Q9

    Which of the following popular ‘Footlong’ Subway sandwiches contains the most calories?

  • Q10

    In which year did the first McDonald's drive-thru open?


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