What’s your stress IQ?

So, are you continually cool as a cucumber? Or do you go through life from one stressful situation to another? Well, we’ve put together a 10-question quiz to test your stress knowledge and hopefully help you to relax and keep your cool if you are feeling the strain.

What's your stress IQ?
  • Q1

    Making sure you are properly nourished can help to combat stress, but what’s the best meal pattern to follow?

  • Q2

    Which of the following is a really potent stress-busting vitamin?

  • Q3

    CBT can help an individual manage stressful situations, but what does CBT stand for?

  • Q4

    Laughter therapy is increasing in popularity as an approach to the treatment of stress, but how does it work?

  • Q5

    Which of the following light meals would be the best to alleviate stress?

  • Q6

    What percentage of absenteeism is due to stress each year in the UK?

  • Q7

    Eating chocolate has been found to alleviate stress, true or false?

  • Q8

    Insufficient stress can act as a depressant, true or false?

  • Q9

    Which of the following has been found to be the most stressful day on the working week?

  • Q10

    Which of the following has been found to be the most stressful profession in the UK?


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