Introduction to racketball

Here's our quick introduction to getting involved in the popular sport of racketball. If you′re looking for a great racket sport to get your body fit and healthy then look no further than racketball. Developed from an original 1950s US game, the UK version of racketball is a fast-paced sport that will give you an intensive workout session.

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Kit for playing racketball

When you first get started in racketball, it's important that you get the right kit. Here’s our guide to buying the right racketball kit to improve your game.

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The rules of racketball

Before you jump right in to playing this intense and fast-paced racket sport, it’s important you know the rules of racketball. Here is our guide to the basic rules of racketball, which will give you a good understanding of the game before you start.

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Top 10 tips for new racketball players

Here's our guide to starting out in racketball and getting the best out of the sport. Racketball is a hugely enjoyable indoor racket sport that is great for boosting your body's fitness and health levels. Racketball is an intense game that requires hard work but all your exercise effort will pay off in the end.

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