Rugby Union

10 Rugby World Cup Moments to remember

Ever since the inaugural tournament in 1987, the Rugby World Cup has been a showcase for some of the most talented players to ever grace the game. In the competition’s relatively short but rich history there have been upsets, fantastic tries, dramatic late clinchers and stunning individual performances. Join in a look at some of the greatest moments from rugby’s top tournament.

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How rugby union gets you fit

Rugby union is one of two forms of rugby football (the other being rugby league), and is played with an oval-shaped ball. It’s a game which requires a combination of skill, speed, stamina, strength, and bravery – the latter of which is due to rugby union’s high-impact nature as a full-on contact sport. Rugby is great for boosting your fitness levels, so here's the guide to starting out in the sport.

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How to get involved in rugby union

Rugby union is played by people of both sexes and all shapes, sizes, and ages. Whether it’s a schoolchild starting out, an older player who turns out regularly at the weekend, or a committed rugby club player, rugby is one of the most popular participation sports in the world. Here′s the guide on getting started in playing the game of rugby.

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The rules of rugby union

Rugby union can be quite a complex game, with different rules being applied according to the various stages of play – which can often confuse even the best rugby players. Much is down to the referee’s interpretation of play – and with 30 players vying and scrambling for the ball, it is easy to see why the referee’s job is so hard in the game of rugby.

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What is Six Nations rugby?

If you're feeling inspired to get involved rugby, it might be worth watching some of the world's best players in a high profile tournament to give you an idea of how rugby is played. Have you heard of the Six Nations rugby union competition but aren’t sure what it’s all about? Then check out the following guide – which gives you a brief introduction to the popular annual rugby tournament.

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An introduction to Rugby sevens

Rugby sevens is a seven-a-side variant of rugby union. Played on the standard rugby pitch, but with far less than the usual 15 players in a full union match, sevens rugby is a free-flowing game based on pace and power over the course of its short matches.

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What is the Tri-Nations?

The Tri Nations is arguably the toughest rugby union tournament there is. Contested by the three top sides in the southern hemisphere (who are also consistently ranked among the top sides in the world) this makes for one major rugby tournament – rivaling even the Rugby Union World Cup.

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