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My Buzz

Once you've registered for free you can access My Buzz which is your dashboard for the website. This is where you can see all the latest activity and updates site-wide.

Customise your profile and choose settings

Customise your My Buzz page with a choice of many different themes.

Personalise your page with the ability to choose, move and show different profile boxes such as your favourite events, fundraising widgets and realbuzz content. Highlight the challenges you have achieved or the goals you are aiming for by awarding medals to your My Buzz page.

Manage your account settings including privacy options, email preferences and information about you. You can also create your very own avatar by using the realbuzz application to create a virtual you.

See feeds from friends

Stay updated with all your friends' activities and other up-to-the-minute information in your feed. You can write comments, add 'likes' and 'dislikes' and message and reply to your friends in your feed.

My Buzz also gives you access your blogs, groups you have created or joined as well as many other areas of your content – it's your realbuzz hub, your dashboard to the site.

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Collect and easily find all of your favourite realbuzz content in one place by utilising your realbuzz Scrapbook. By using your Scrapbook you can store your favourite articles, interesting blog posts, your best running routes, upcoming events and much much more. This tool also allows you to share your realbuzz best bits with other users and your favourite groups, who can comment on your scraps and even add them to their own page.

Getting started with scrapbooks

Getting started with your Scrapbook couldn’t be easier – simply go to your My Buzz page and click the ‘View Scrapbook’ button. This is where you can manage your Scrapbook by moving, commenting on or deleting your Scraps. To add content to your Scrapbook simply look out for the ‘Scrapbook’ button around the site – one click will send anything marked by this straight to your Scrapbook.

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Whatever your interest there is a wealth of content to choose from including:


Read, leave comments and become super-health savvy; we've developed an extensive resource of over 1,500 articles on Sport & Leisure, Fitness & Exercise, Health & Wellbeing and Food & Diet to give you all the information you need to lead a healthier active lifestyle. Whatever topic you want answers on, we've probably got an article on it – and if not please tell us.


Need to lose weight, bulk up, fuel your training or maybe just give your diet a healthy makeover? We've developed a bank of realbuzz dishes to satisfy all your recipe needs. From breakfast ideas, to healthy snacks, light lunches, nutritious main meals and smoothies; we've got great recipe ideas to help you eat healthily.


Test you health, fitness and wellbeing knowledge with our quizzes. All topics are covered, from sex to stress, sleep to sport, running, races, fitness and food. So take five minutes to find how out how fitness, health and wellbeing savvy you really are. It's time to test yourself...

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Check out the blogs belonging to our vibrant community members. A wealth of topics are covered in realbuzz Blogs; sports related, event related, blogs to track training, health, wellbeing, food and lifestyle. Select the subject you are interested in to find relevant blogs and filter by region if you wish – the ideal way to look for local training partners. You can also add comments to any User, Editor, Expert and Celebrity Blogs and cast your vote in any polls set too.

Follow blogs

Keep up-to-date with other realbuzz members by following their blogs. You'll receive notification of new postings, be able to add comments to posts, share posts with friends and check out archived posts too.

Create your own blog

It's simple to start your own blog, just write a brief overview introducing your blog, choose a category, select your settings and you're ready to go.

Once the blog is set up you can start writing posts and include maps & routes, links, images and video. You'll also have the ability to view your blog followers.

There are many ways to customise your blog's appearance, and you'll be able to choose from many blog themes. You can add additional features such as your favourite events, fundraising widgets and link your blog to any related charities or challenges.

Editor & Expert Blogs

Follow the Editor and Expert Blogs to keep up-to-date on all aspects of healthy, active living.

Celebrity Blogs

Get the inside take on the day-to-day lives of sporting celebrities – including their training, fitness goals and diet.

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Find threads, friends and give and gain advice in the realbuzz forums. Whatever you're interested in, our forums are the perfect place to strike up conversation with likeminded others.

Getting started

If you are not sure where to start, check out our 'most popular' box – this will show you the most popular threads running in our forums section.

You can add your comments and replies to any existing threads and give them a 'like 'or 'dislike 'if you wish.

To start a fresh conversation going, you can add a new thread, with the options to include photos, map markers and routes.

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Whether you want to find groups related to events, sports, celebrities or just somewhere to have a bit of fun, there are plenty of groups to choose from.

Join a group

Join a group and receive updates in your MyBuzz feed. Depending on the group settings, you can share content with other group members including photos, videos and routes. Chat on the group wall and check out other members of the group; groups are the perfect way to make friends and find likeminded others to follow.

Create a Group

Whatever your passion or interest why not create your own group and get others involved?

When you create a group, you have the power to customise your group's content and theme, decide on group member settings and add extra group administrators to help you grow your group. Plus, you can add other group information including: Group Photos & Videos, Group Maps, Group Events, Group Fixtures, Group Results, Money-raising widgets and related content RSS feeds.

Your group can be private, by invitation only or open to all realbuzz members – it's up to you.

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Our training section has everything you need to help you plan, record and review your exercise routine. In addition you can regularly check and record your progress using the Self Assessment tools.

Training Calendar (private, only open to owner)

Plan your workouts with the Training Calendar; you can add and view exercises and events in your calendar by day, week and month to schedule your workouts and training. You can also filter by the type of workouts you have added to keep tabs on the types of activities and training you've completed or planned.

You can use the Training Calendar to keep track of any sports injuries and note progress.

You'll notice that some of our favourite events will be shown in the calendar – why not set one of them as your next fitness goal or challenge?

Adding exercises

Keep track of all physical activity you do by adding exercises to your own personal log. You can add gym workouts, runs, walks, swims and cycles and include time, intensity, duration and reps, plus record the temperature, weather and your overall verdict.

You can also link a route marker or map, include photos and keep other detailed information to help fine tune your training plans.

Exercise Summary

A summary of all of your exercises are added to your diary and results can be filtered by date ranges and exercise types. All results are displayed in an easy-to-read graph.

To pick up training tips, view the 'Exercise Summary' pages of other members to compare.

Self Assessment

Check in on your current health and fitness with our quick and simple six -step assessment, designed to measure: Readiness for exercise , Cardiovascular fitness, Strength, Flexibility, BMI and Diet.

Results based on your input will be given along with recommendations on where improvements can be made.

The assessment should be completed on a monthly basis to help target your training and improve overall fitness.

Training Plans

A wealth of training plans for Premium members to choose from giving expert advice on;

- Training for 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon events
- Gym and workout plans to bulk up, slim down and boost fitness
- Diet and nutritional plans for weight loss and fitness training.

You can filter the plans by difficulty and type to find the ideal one to suit your needs and fitness goals.

Weight Tracker (private)

Record current weight, set goal weight, track and chart progress as you move closer to your goal. All your weight details will be kept private – your weight tracker is only viewable to you.

Pace Tools

Optimise training times and results by using our Pace Tools to calculate:

- What distance is achievable at specific pace and time
- What pace you need to set to achieve a specific time and distance
- What time is achievable when you run a set distance at a constant pace

Pace Tool options are:

- Pace guide
- Split times
- Finish time
- Pace converter

Go to the 'Training' section >

Events & Activities


Find local events or search further afield. Add your events for other members to find and add to their calendars.

Events Calendar

Use the Events Calendar to find everything ranging from exercise events, community classes, music and arts festivals. You can filter by location to find events in a specified area and add an event of your own to our listings.

If you want to add an event to your personal calendar, just click 'Participate in this event' and it will be included. To find out more your personal calendar, check out the 'Training' section.

Charity Challenges

Choose a challenge and help a charity. Here you'll find a wealth of charity challenges and adventures including treks, walks, runs and swims – both at home and overseas.

Activity Listing

To find events to participate in and/or charities to represent, here you can browse a list of all events and charities with places available.

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Find map markers & routes anywhere in the world. Wherever you are in the world you can find map markers and routes. So, if you are looking for a local gym, a cycle route or a maybe a park for a run, just use Maps.


Maps allows you to:

- View routes – showing distance and route details
- Filter by type (e.g. running, walking, cycling)
- Add comments and likes to existing routes and markers
- Use the Advanced Search function to find specific routes and markers
- Favourite and pin routes and markers added by other users

Add our own routes and markers

Maps allows you to:

- Plot a route or add a marker
- Measure route distance in miles and km
- Measure elevation at any stage of your route
- Precisely plot your route by setting a loop route, an out and back route, or a snap to road route
- Add a description to a route or marker
- Choose a category for your route (e.g. running, walking, cycling)
- Make your map items private or public

Share your maps, routes and markers

You can share your maps, routes and markers with other realbuzz members by linking to your other content throughout the site. You can add your routes to a blog post, group or forum thread and include in your Training Calendar.

If you have a route saved in a GPS devise you can upload this information directly to save and share with others.

Map your photos

Any photos that have been added with a location will also show on the Map as a thumbnail – great to document places of interest and share them with others.Check out Photo & Videos for more info.

My Maps page

The My Maps page allows you to view all of your Maps activity in one place. Here you can see all of the routes and markers you have added, which you can edit or delete. This is also where you can keep track of all the routes and markers you have pinned from other users, so you'll never lose track of your favourites.

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Photos & Videos

Photos and Videos

Browse, share and comment on photos and videos.

Browse Photos & Videos

Check out other realbuzz members' photos and videos. You can add comments, rate with a 'like' or 'dislike' and share elsewhere on the web.

Create albums and add your own photos & videos

Create as many photo albums as you like and upload your own photos individually or in batches. You can add comments, rate with a 'like' or 'dislike' and share elsewhere on the web. You can also upload or link to your favourite videos too.

Add your photos &videos to the Map

By giving a location to your photos and videos you'll see them display in your maps section too.

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Find My Nearest

Find Mt Nearest

Find My Nearest helps you easily find nearby gyms, spas, nutritionists, massage therapists and physios based on your location

Find nearby healthy living establishments

Simply select your location from the dropdown menus provided and Find My Nearest will automatically show you the operators which are closest to you. Operators are divided into categories, making it quick and easy to find exactly what you are looking for.

Find information

Each listing can be clicked on to take you through to the operator’s group, here you can find an overview of the operator and what kind of services they have on offer. Join the group to receive updates allowing you to keep track of developments of the businesses and operators that appeal to you.

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