Tai Chi

An introduction to Tai Chi

We may salute the courage, appreciate the choreographic memory and be fascinated by the mysterious grace of the person practicing Tai Chi in the park, moving as if in a concentrated kind of trance through careful slow-motion gestures and steps, pushing, turning and retreating as if connected in a dance with an invisible partner. What are they really doing?

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The benefits of Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a martial art which benefits multiple parts of a person's being; not only are there physical positives to its practice, but it also improves mental and emotional acuity.

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Learning Tai Chi

Tai Chi is best learned from an experienced practitioner. Though reading can be very inspiring, to try to learn from a book alone will probably be frustrating to the point of putting you off completely. Also, in the beginning, even looking at pictures to try to jog your memory of what you have learned from a teacher can be quite tricky.

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Top 10 tips for Tai Chi beginners

Thinking of learning Tai Chi? Check out realbuzz's top 10 tips for Tai Chi beginners for a guide to the basics of this spiritual art.

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