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LINC 10k

Leukaemia & Intensive Chemotherapy Fund

LINC 10k


  • UK - Free
  • EU - Free
  • Rest of the world - Free
£15.00 Inc. VAT/Sales tax
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Join Team LINC to run a virtual 10K in a location of your choice. Choose your route, run your distance and then upload your run to receive a your digital medal and certificate!


Now more than ever, it is important to challenge yourself, move about and keep active. Why not enter this virtual event and raise money for Leukaemia & Intensive Chemotherapy Fund in the process?


All you need to do is:


1. Register by clicking the link above


2. Submit proof of completing the 10k distance on using your favourite GPS app or device e.g. Strava, Garmin, Google Maps or even a treadmill dashboard


3. Once approved, you will receive your digital medal and certificate!


£10 of your entry fee will enable LINC to continue its care



If you have any questions about signing up for this event please do not hesitate to contact our Events Team on 07900 433166 or email [email protected].