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Barnardo’s 300,000 step Challenge


Barnardo’s 300,000 step Challenge


  • UK - Free
  • EU - £5.00
  • Rest of the world - £5.00
£5.00 Inc. VAT/Sales tax
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Barnardo’s supports 300,000 children each year, will you join us for the 300,000 step challenge?  Choose to take on 10,000 steps a day over 30 days or take on the challenge as a shared goal with your family. Get walking and help raise funds so we can be there for every child that needs us.


1) Register your details using the link above and pay a £5 registration fee.

2) Collect sponsorship from friends and family

3) Use your daily exercise to head out on for a walk, and track your steps. Or get creative and see how many steps you can do around your house.

4) Upload the evidence and fundraise £50 and we will send you a medal in the post.* 


With your support, we can ensure vulnerable children and families receive the help they need during this crisis. Your fundraising can help us remotely counsel and support vulnerable children, help us deliver the services they need through digital means, and help provide food vouchers so children and families can maintain good health during their time in isolation.


Your fundraising means that children and young people have a safe place, and someone looking out for them. You are changing lives and bringing hope. THANK YOU!


We always love to hear from our supporters if you have any questions please email [email protected]


*Please note: there will be a delay in delivery of physical medals.