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LoveYerGuts Plank Challenge

LoveYerGuts Plank Challenge


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Starts: 28th Apr 2020

Want to build a stronger core from the comfort of your own home? Take on our LoveYerGuts Plank Challenge to develop your plank skills and earn a virtual medal in the process. You’ll qualify for the virtual medal once you can plank for five minutes in a day, with a 30-day plan that will help you gradually build up your core strength.  


It’s free to register and you will be rewarded with better posture, reduced back pain, and improved performance in a range of other sports that benefit from core strength.


If you want to get gutsy with your challenge, you can setup an online fundraising page here to support the 14 New Zealanders a day who are diagnosed with a gut cancer. If you raise over $200 NZD with your challenge, we will send you a LoveYerGuts tshirt!