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'Step to It' With Westmeria - The Eiffel Tower

'Step to It' With Westmeria - The Eiffel Tower


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Bored of current restrictions? Why not step up and help to raise crucial funds by joining our step challenge around the virtual world!


Climb the Eiffel Tower

We recommend 674 Steps to complete the Eiffel Tower.


Simply sign up, complete the challenge by going up and down on your desired set of stairs or staircase and record your steps via a step counter app or pedometer, then upload your evidence to receive your digital medal and certificate.


Want a physical medal instead? Sign up here.


Established in 2003, Westmeria Counselling is a valued service offering emotional support to the local community. As a charity, they provide a safe, confidential space to individuals experiencing difficulties in resolving life's issues. 


Westmeria Counselling is for anyone who is finding life difficult and looking for help to gain an understanding as to why. They believe, however strong we are there will be times when things are hard to cope with and we may need help to sort out a particular problem. 


For more information on Westmeria Counselling Services please click here and for information on how to donate please click here.