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AUSTRALIA - Land Down Under Half Marathon

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AUSTRALIA - Land Down Under Half Marathon


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You can choose from the Lucky Country 10k, the Land Down Under Half Marathon the Terra Australis Marathon (that's the original name for Australia) or the Madjedbebe 100 Mile Challenge (Madjedbebe is the site of the oldest human habitation in Australia).

Don't worry, all of events can be run over multiple days, so you don't have to do them in a single day.


There are a number of fascinating routes that you can pick, from Perth to Sydney and many in between. You'll be able to unlock bonus content as you upload your evidence.


Every event package also comes with a range of bonus digital goodies, like downloadable race numbers, certificates and selfie frames.


There is also a detailed festival section where you can find out everything you need to know about this amazing country.


And it doesn't end there! We have a team of expert coaches on hand to guide you on your adventure. Simply contact them via the Training Support zone to get personalised training support. All FREE of charge and included with each entry.