Wall of Fame

realbuzz Wall of Fame

Here we showcase the best of realbuzz, those buzzers who have achieved something special or extraordinary and are deserving of a place on our Wall of Fame. Challenge yourself and you might just be next!

  • libbylaird

    Libby isn't afraid to give it her all and loves a challenge, no matter how tough it may seem. 2016 saw her complete her first triathlon.

  • AngusMc

    Angus conquered something many others couldn't - Cape Wrath, in which he ran 230 miles (370 km) in 8 days. A remarkable achievement.

  • Baker001

    Helen is an incredibly resilient runner. Her strength and determination is inspiring, as shown by her success at the Thames Path Challenge.

  • KickAS_Kat

    Kat always gives 100 percent and won't let Ankylosing Spondylitis beat her. She did an amazing job conquering the Thames Path Challenge.

  • HOBSCowboy

    To say Hobs has ran a few kms in his time as a buzzer would be an understatement. He can take great pride in his running achievements.

  • gloshawk

    realbuzz legend and chairmanship of the Great Oggie Run, Jim never fails to provide blogs of distinction and runs of great length.

  • Nick

    Parkrun king with incredibly consistent performances. Provides high quality blogs and great roundups week in, week out.

  • TheGrandDukeOfRunWalk

    Rob always pulls off the incredible despite injury issues. His blogs are first class - a work of sheer poetry some might say.

  • Berlin_Bolt

    A dedicated buzzer who's achieved amazing things in spite of great physical and emotional challenges. Making NASS proud.

  • hollywooddave

    realbuzz's Chief Coach and motivator. Provides unwavering support and encouragement for every single buzzer.