Wall of Fame

realbuzz Wall of Fame

Here we showcase the best of realbuzz, those buzzers who have achieved something special or extraordinary and are deserving of a place on our Wall of Fame. Challenge yourself and you might just be next!

  • Runwithroxy

    Long-time buzzer Jane has gone from strength to strength since she starting blogging about running with her dog Roxy! She has ran over 10 marathons, including New York, and achieved her quest for a sub 4.30 marathon at Brighton.

  • ymonks

    Yvonne love setting herself challenges and often seems to do them in baking heat! From a roasting Lisbon Marathon to a baking hot Race to the Stones ultra she’s pushed her limits time after time. The London Marathon 2019 awaits!

  • MadMax

    Starting out with the London Marathon in 2016, Maxine has to date gone on to complete 6 marathons including Chicago, Brighton and Snowdonia and threw in a couple of gruelling ultras for good measure including the Race to the Stones.

  • bevlar

    Having not taken up running until her fifties, Bev has completed several half and full marathons, including Brighton, London(twice) and more recently her first ultra in a scorching 50km race.

  • libbylaird

    Libby isn't afraid to give it her all and loves a challenge, no matter how tough it may seem. Whether it's running, swimming, cycling or all three, Libby smashes it every time.

  • AngusMc

    Angus conquered something many others couldn't - Cape Wrath, running 230 miles in 8 days. A remarkable achievement that he described as "the hardest and most fulfilling endeavour of my life".

  • Baker001

    Helen is an incredibly resilient runner. Her strength and determination is inspiring, as shown by her success returning for another stab at the Thames Path Challenge - all despite asthma and diabetes.

  • KickAS_Kat

    Kat always gives 100 percent and won't let Ankylosing Spondylitis beat her. She did an amazing job conquering the Thames Path Challenge and more recently the 100km Jurassic Coast Challenge.

  • HOBSCowboy

    To say Hobs has ran a few kms in his time as a buzzer would be an understatement. He can take great pride in his running achievements including his epic 68-miler Escape from Meriden.

  • gloshawk

    realbuzz legend and chairmanship of the Great Oggie Run, Jim never fails to provide blogs of distinction and runs of great length including 3 marathons in consecutive days Coast to Coast in Cornwall.

  • Nick

    Parkrun king with incredibly consistent performances in excess of 200 Parkruns and counting. Provides high quality blogs and great roundups week in, week out. Will soon pass 200 different Parkrun locations.

  • Hope_Mountain_Runner

    Rob always pulls off the incredible despite injury issues. His blogs are first class and always a great read. Rob wears his heart on his sleeve and is always open and honest in his blog accounts.